Coming Soon: Atari Cryptocurrency Online Casino

March 10, 2021

Atari Cryptocurrency Casino

The online casino industry keeps growing with new avenues allowing for more growth opportunities.

All eyes are on cryptocurrency and crypto casinos with more launching on a frequent basis.

The video game developer, Atari, is planning on launching its very own cryptocurrency-based online casino later this year.

A Casino Unlike Any Other

Atari, the brains behind iconic games such as Pacman and Pong, is eager to get into the cryptocurrency casino market.

The video game developer will create its casino on an Ethereum-based gaming district known as ‘Vegas City’. It is part of the blockchain platform Decentraland where users can purchase, build, and monetize virtual reality applications.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new casino is the inclusion of Atari’s unique themed games. The developer will also include Atari cryptocurrency nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

The NFTs are unique and set apart from digital assets like Bitcoin. Mainly because they have metadata acting as a permanent and unalterable record.

Anyone that plays at the casino can use both the $DG coin from Decentral and Atari’s native ATRI token.

What To Expect

The game developer believes that Cryptocurrency enables players to gamble from anywhere at any time. This is an advantage to their own players especially considering the fact that it comes with the added benefit of faster payouts. Cryptocurrency pays out faster than traditional bank transfers and has higher transfer limits.

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In the gaming department, this casino is bound to excel. Players can expect normal casino games such as roulette, blackjack, slots, jackpots, and live casino games. The latter will be live-streamed by Atari.

The real treat will be the Atari Special which includes games of skills similar to the games already in their impressive game collection. Not only can you expect exciting games of skill but a range of impressive hybrid games combining luck and skill.

For players that have been Atari fans since the start, there is great news, as the developer promises there will be a range of nostalgia-loaded games featured in the new casino.

Despite the fact that Atari runs the casino, they will have games from other providers via partnerships. Allowing for the game collection to grow quickly, giving players more options to choose from throughout their gameplay. Gametaco has already been granted a license for providing eSports on the new crypto casino site.

The Inside Scoop

With the recent announcement, excitement is running high, and many are eager to see where the venture will lead.

The casino is set to launch in May with a lease for an initial two-year term. The expectation is for bets to reach a record of US$150 million this year (2021). And rise to US$400 million within the initial two-year lease term.

Atari states that the casino space presents a massive opportunity to leverage the portfolio of Atari properties through both social and real money casino opportunities.

Crypto casinos are still on the rise and there is extreme growth potential in this field. Atari CEO, Frederic Chesnais is especially interested in entering this field in the hopes of making Atari relevant again.

Chesnais is convinced that the new Ethereum casino is the key to reviving the brand and gaining the interest of younger players.

This theory will be put to the test once the casino launches in May later this year.