Gambling or Bust? Kick Streaming Lets You Choose

Kick Streaming Gambling

Gamers who enjoy streaming online gambling and want to become well-known in the online world don’t generally like the average streaming sites. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube aren’t an option due to their ban or restrictions on certain content. 

Because of the struggle streamers face, several streaming platforms popped up for gambling streaming and other videos on demand for content creators of restricted content. Kick Streaming is one such platform, and it’s here to make a name for itself.

Who is Kick?

Kick is a streaming platform backed by – a very popular global online casino with a license in Curacao. After launching in October 2022, they currently have around 5 million subscribers and over 440,000 streamers.

Several aspects draw online content creators and subscribers to platforms like these; some include regulations, or the lack thereof, towards certain content, subscription fees, profit to supply content as a creator and several others. Here is how Kick compares to other sites:


Content creators and streamers are jumping ship to benefit from Kick’s amazing return of up to 95% revenue to the content provider. This means the platform asks for a mere 5% streaming fee compared to other companies like Twitch that charge their providers more than 50% of their streaming revenue. 

Kick Streaming Has Your Back

Kick, backed by, streams gaming content, including online slots, gambling, esports, chess tournaments and more. Trainwrecktv, a streaming personality, is also one of the founders of the site and is well-known for his gambling stream. Chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura and other popular online names like xQc and BruceDropEmOff also back the platform.

Compared to a platform like Twitch, which backs, it is clear that the experience is controlled by the parent company. With its high streaming charges and the ban they put on gambling streaming, this becomes very apparent. 

Dan Clancy is the CEO of Twitch, and he recently released a statement regarding the recent ban on the streaming of a gambling website: 

“If these sites become regulated and are willing to adhere to the regulations of most major countries, in terms of what they need to do as a gambling site, then, of course, Twitch will lift the ban.”

An important part of Kick is that users and subscribers have the power of what they view and do not rely on some algorithm to control what they see. Subscribers can filter out their viewing content to exclude or include content like gambling, bikinis, poolside, etc. This offers the viewer full control over what they subscribe to watch.

Other streaming platforms let the algorithms divide for you; however, this allows for a range of content to stream past your screen and suggestions to pop up. This may also enable platforms like Twitch to filter out content for you, exclude certain videos or live streams from your screen, or ensure things like gambling do not get enough ‘feet’ to stay on the platform successfully.

Kick is Unique

While other sites like Twitch banned the streaming of gambling content, Kick embraces the subscriber’s right to choose what they see. However, Kick does not allow gambling between users.

Viewers have the discretion to ban gambling and other content from their profile to ensure they only see what they specifically want. This creates a more personalised use of this platform and allows viewers to subscribe to content they like. Many creators and long-time subscribers see value in this and are therefore not anxious to make the jump to Kick.

Kick Streaming FAQs

Does Kick pay hourly to stream?

Yes, their newest Creator Incentive Program pays content creators who stream hourly.

How many followers do you need to stream on Kick?

Content creators are required to stream at least 300 minutes of content and have at least 75 followers in order to claim their benefits.

Can I view gambling on Kick?

Yes, since the ban of gambling streams on other platforms, some of the biggest streamers stopped using the platform and moved over to Kick, where they could stream their gambling content.

What is allowed on Kick streaming?

Kick streams video games, chatting and hobbyist content, music performances, individual gambling dependent on country laws, and other creative and entertaining content.

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