Responsible Gambling Guide

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Online casino gaming is highly entertaining, but it can also lead to problems when not done in moderation. Today the popularity of online gaming walks hand in hand with responsible gaming features. The primary focus for gaming markets across the world is to provide players with the opportunity to remain in control while enjoying the best games and features. 

When you’re playing online games responsibly, you get to truly enjoy the games without the risks of spending more than you can afford or developing problematic behaviour. Sometimes these things happen without a player noticing, and when this happens, you’ll want access to reputable organisations and support options to get back to normal. 

On this page, we look at responsible gambling, what it is, the features that come with it and the available services to assist with problem gambling.

What Is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is when you’re using games purely for fun and entertainment. When it becomes more than that, you’re quickly stepping into the problem gambling zone. Responsible gambling programs exist to prevent problem gambling and aid those that are struggling. The goal is to stop problem gambling from happening. 

To gamble responsibly is to take breaks regularly and not use gambling as a source of income. More importantly, responsible gambling is to set personal limits and never spend more than you can afford.

10 Ways to Be a Responsible Gambler

There are a number of ways that you can be a responsible gambler. Take your playing habits into your own hands and follow these steps tips.

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  1. Do your online casino research – It’s important to join an online casino that is fully regulated and offers responsible gambling features. If the casino you’re considering doesn’t offer any such features, walk away and try a different site instead.
  2. Set your budget and stick to it – Possibly the most important point of all, setting a budget means you know exactly what’s going and out of your pocket. When you start playing your favourite casino game, be sure to set a budget and once it’s gone, walk away. It’s the only way to play like a pro.
  3. Keep a clear head – It may be the norm to knock back a drink or 2 while seated at a table game of your choosing or while spinning the reels of a slot, but it’s not advised. Keeping a clear head and staying aware of your budget is an important factor to consider when being a responsible player.
  4. Pay attention to the time – Keeping a watch on hand or setting an alarm on your phone is a smart way to play. Don’t get sucked into thinking that “just one more game” is worth it when you’ve predetermined a certain amount of time to spin the reels.
  5. Take a break – It’s always a good idea to walk away from your game of choice, stretch and take a break from time to time. Even when you’re winning! Clear your head before setting off on your winning streak once more.
  6. Don’t chase down your losses – We’ve all been there. You’re playing a fun online slot, placing bet after bet, when suddenly, it’s all gone. You may feel the urge to chase that loss and hopefully make back your money, but we all know that the odds are stacked against you. If it’s the last of your budget, it’s best to log off and try again another day.
  7. Take it slow – Many online casino games have the option to speed up gameplay. You can spin through an online slot in double or triple time, but as you’re doing so, keep in mind that your cash is dwindling too. Instead, play on the slowest possible setting and keep an eye on your cash.
  8. Never gamble with your credit card – Be sure not to get yourself into debt while playing at an online casino. Once again, playing with a budget is very important!
  9. If you have a problem, reach out – There are many different organizations out there looking to help those who are struggling with any form of online gambling addiction. If you find yourself unable to focus on anything but wanting to visit an online casino again, you may need help.
  10. Read the terms and conditions – Last, but not least, read the terms and conditions of every online casino, each promotion, and all offers. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. This way, you could avoid losing loads of cash.

Responsible Gambling Features at Online Casinos

Today it is quite common for casinos to feature responsible gambling tools and resources to help players remain in control. Here are some of the most common tools to assist in responsible gaming:

  • Deposit Limits: Set up a maximum deposit limit for your daily, weekly, and monthly gameplay to prevent overspending. 
  • Loss Limits: Keep yourself from overspending and depleting your bankroll by setting loss limits. This can help you stop when you’ve reached a certain amount in losses. It’s great to prevent yourself from chasing losses. 
  • Reality Checks: Set up reality checks to stay aware of the time and duration of your gameplay. These reality checks will pop up at the set time to remind you how long you’ve been playing. 
  • Self-exclusion: If you feel you’re moving towards the trouble zone, you can opt for self-exclusion, which will ban you from online gaming at your current casino and other casinos using the self-exclusion register. 
  • Time-Out: If you just want to take a short break but don’t want to exclude yourself permanently from online gaming, you can use the time-out option. It allows you to block your betting for a couple of months up to a year.

Each of these simple options lets you create a safe and secure gambling experience for yourself!

Do You or a Loved One Have a Problem?

If you’ve reached the point where you’re not sure how to proceed and you’re unsure of whether or not you have a gambling problem, help is out there.

There are a number of questions that you can answer to determine if you need help or not. Take a look at these questions and be sure to answer them honestly.

  1. Do you ever find yourself gambling instead of spending time on work or with your family?
  2. Has gambling ever caused you distress or made you unhappy?
  3. Has gambling affected your reputation negatively?
  4. Do you hide how much you spend or how often you gamble from your loved ones?
  5. Do you gamble with the hopes of winning money to pay off debts?
  6. After winning, have you ever felt the need to play even more?
  7. After losing, have you ever felt the needs to play again in order to win back your loss?
  8. Have you ever sold anything in order to have money to gamble?
  9. Have you used gambling as a way to escape your worries or troubles?
  10. Do you find yourself wanting to gamble when you’re feeling down?

If you’ve answered these questions with a yes, you may need to speak to a professional. Again, there’s no shame in needing help. Reach out to someone you trust or speak to a professional who can help you on your way to being a healthy and happy person once more.

Need Help? Contact These Services

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Online casinos will provide assistance in terms of advice, tips, and tools that can help you remain in control throughout your gameplay. If you’re playing online casino games and find yourself struggling, there are trusted organisations to give advice and assistance. 

There are various types of assistance, and most licensed sites will have a responsible gambling page which gives you access to self-help options along with instant access to the best local responsible gambling organisations for your region. 

Here’s a quick overview of the different problem gambling services available to different regions: 

United Kingdom

Whether you are looking for information on gambling problems, self-exclusion tools or counselling, there’s an organisation for you. The UK takes responsible gambling very seriously and provides you with access to the best tools and helplines.


Telephone Number: 0808 8020 133


Telephone Number: 0808 8020 133

Gamblers Anonymous

Telephone Number: tel:03300940322

United States of America

Like the UK, the United States of America doesn’t play around when it comes to player safety. They provide various services with leading organisations there to assist with any possible problem gambling-related issues. You can use trusted services like:


Telephone Number: 1-800-522-4700

Iowa Gaming Association

Telephone Number: 1-800-BETS OFF

New Jersey

Telephone Number: 1-800-GAMBLER


In Australia, you can make use of organisations like GambleAware, Relationships Australia, and the Victorian Responsible Gaming Foundation. These organisations assist problem gamblers and those affected by the problem. They also offer guidance and preventative measures.


Telephone number: 1800 858 858

Relationships Australia South Australia

Telephone number: 1800 182 325

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Telephone number: 1800 858 858


For Netherlands casino players, there is a number of local organisations that provide therapy, advice, and counselling. If you or someone you know are struggling with gambling problems, you can contact any of the local organisations in the Netherlands.


Telephone number: 0800 22 777 22


Telephone number: 0800-2400022


Telephone number: 088 505 1220


There are professional and community-based services for German players where you can get assistance in person or online. There are tips, tools, and 12-step programs dedicated to curbing problem gambling and getting you back in control.


Telephone number: (+34) 677 788 304


Telephone number: 0800 0776611

Gambling Therapy



Swedish players can make use of self-exclusion options and professional assistance at responsible gaming organisations like:


Telephone number: Stockholm – 08-741 26 94 / Gothenburg – 031-704 14 41 / Malmö – 072-557 99 19


Telephone number: 020819100




For Canadian players, any concerns regarding problem gambling can be addressed at these trusted, responsible gambling organisations:

Connex Ontario

Telephone number: 1-866-531-2600

Credit Canada

Telephone number: 1-800-267-2272


Spanish players can get assistance, advice, or help via trusted, responsible gambling sites dedicated to preventing the issues and returning you back to responsible gaming.


Phone Number: 900 200 225 (Toll-free)




If you’re based in Finland and experiencing issues, you have different responsible gambling organisations available around the clock. Contact these organisations for advice, tips, or assistance in recovering from problem gambling.

Finnish Gambling Association Ry


EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention



Telephone Number: +358 800 100 101

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