BitStarz LiveSpins Streamer Selection Grows

LiveSpins at BitStarz Casino

LiveSpins is one of the latest innovations added to online gaming platforms for an enhanced gaming experience. It gives players the chance to engage with popular streamers and cash in all at the same time!

BitStarz is among the first to add LiveSpins to their game library and recently increased their number of streamers – plus so much more.

Bonus up to €500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins

More LiveSpins Streamers To Choose From

With LiveSpins, you can bet behind the streamers to grab your share of wins. If the streamer wins, then your bet amount is multiplied, and the rewards are added to your bankroll.

BitStarz added the LiveSpins feature to the site only a few months ago, and it quickly gained the attention of many players. What started with only a few streamers has now become a separate tab with various streamers to choose from.

You can access the stream stars via the Bet Along tab of the casino. Here, BitStarz shows the different streamers available. There are nearly 30 to choose from, and while not all stream simultaneously, there are normally a couple streaming at a time, leaving you with many great options and fun online slots to enjoy.

The Bet Along tab also shows you which streamers are live, which streamers are about to go live, and the time left before a certain streamer goes live.

Added Extras at BitStarz

LiveSpins also comes with tournaments and bonus hunts, which can lead to amazing prizes.

To take part in the tournaments, you only need to place your bets on the LiveSpins streams to earn points. The number of points you earn will determine your multiplier sizes. If you have a non-winning bet, there are no points.

The players with the most points will walk away with a share of the cash prize at the end of the tournament. With most of the tournaments, the cash prize pool will be shared among the top ten to twenty players on the leaderboard.

Then there are also bonus hunts, which work a little differently. With bonus hunts, the streamers will be playing slots in order to unlock the bonus features, which can be free spins or any other special features. Once they open the feature, they will go on to the next slot. This will continue until the streamer has collected several bonus features.

Visit BitStarz to explore the large range of streamers you can bet behind during tournaments and bonus hunts.

Bonus up to €500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins

LiveSpins FAQs

💡 What is LiveSpins?

LiveSpins is a feature where casino streamers play slots, and you get to join the fun by betting behind them.

🔎 Where can I find the LiveSpins streamers?

The streamers are found under the Bet Along tab on the BitStarz Casino website.

⏰ Is LiveSpins only available at a set time?

LiveSpins streams take place at all hours of the day. There are countdown timers indicating when streams will start.

💵 How do I take part in LiveSpins at BitStarz?

You launch the stream to watch, and if you want to bet behind the streamer click the spin button.

💎 What extras can I expect with LiveSpins?

Aside from the ‘bet behind’ option, there are tournaments and bonus hunts that can lead to extra wins.

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