7 Bad Blackjack Strategies and 3 Smart Options To Try Instead

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As an online punter, you get your pick of different types of online casino games, including card and table options.

If you’re playing a card game like Blackjack, then you get to experience a world where strategy and skill play a role in the outcome. You can turn the odds in your favour with the right blackjack strategies. However, not all strategies will bear fruit.

We take a look at some of the best and worst strategies for blackjack players online so that you can make the best choice for you and your playing style.

Bad Blackjack Strategies

You get good strategies, and then you get those that are not even worth consideration. Here are some frequently used strategies that are not as beneficial to you.

1. Copycat Strategy

There are those players who believe dealers have a house edge because of the way they play. Every casino has its own set rules for blackjack players, such as drawing on numbers below 16 and standing on a hard 17 and other higher-value numbers.

Due to this belief, players will imitate the dealer’s move in hopes of getting the same results. Unfortunately, this is not a beneficial strategy as the house edge is based on players making the first move. It’s this starting setup that gives the casino the edge.

2. No-Bust Strategy

With this strategy, the objective is to prevent yourself from going bust. This means you need to hit 11 or under and stand on 12 or over. While the no-bust strategy can be useful at times, it can also impact your gaming the wrong way if you do it round after round.

By opting for the no-bust strategy, you also run the risk of losing out on various winning opportunities. Let’s say you have a 12, and the dealer has an Ace; the chance is there for the down card to be 6 or higher. This could force them to stand and give you a winning opportunity. In fact, playing the No Bust strategy can increase the house edge by 3-4%.

3. The $100 Strategy

You also get strategies that aren’t necessarily focused on the gameplay, such as the 100 Dollar Strategy. With this strategy, you limit yourself to playing only $100 per day and stick to that limit. Meaning no chasing wins or losses. The idea is to play until you win $100 and then quit.

With this type of strategy, you play for a decent amount of time but still maintain balance. While this scheme is good for short-term wins, it can’t beat the long-game odds, which are in favour of the house. Some days, you may even use up your entire bankroll before hitting the $100 win mark.

4. The Martingale System

A very popular strategy used across different game genres is The Martingale. With this strategy, you set a base wager, which remains unchanged after winning game rounds. If you lose a round, then you double the base wager. And when you hit a win again, you return to the initial base game bet.

This approach might seem like a good idea, but it can quickly be destructive to your bankroll budget, especially if a losing streak hits.

5. The Fibonacci System

Another more popular strategy is using the Fibonacci sequence. With this strategy, you rely on a mathematical sequence in which each following number is a sum of the previous two. The objective is to increase your bets when you lose and lower them with winning bets. Thus, a winning round takes you two steps backward on the sequence. Losing bets take you one step forward.

Like the Martingale, the strategy can also lead to financial troubles and isn’t always the best for blackjack players.

6. Paroli System

Then there is the Paroli System, which is also referred to as the Reverse Martingale. With this system, you use the same concept as with the Martingale strategy, but instead, you double your bet when you win and revert back to the base amount on losing bets.

While it might seem like a good way to maximise wins and minimise risks, it’s still not the best possible strategy. It’s a small-win strategy that won’t be as beneficial.

7. ‘Go With Your’ Gut Strategy

With the Go with your Gut card counting strategy, you focus on your intuition more than the art of counting cards. In essence, you go with whatever feeling arises by checking the cards. This game of strategy and skill is just not as effective with a heart-over-observation style betting strategy. It’s unreliable and one of the strategies you should avoid.

3 Smart Blackjack Strategies

Here are a few of the most reliable betting strategies you can use. No strategy can guarantee a win, but some can turn the odds slightly more in your favour when playing this popular table game.

1. Double Down on Hard 11

One of the better strategies you can follow is to Double Down on a Hard 11. With double down, you add an additional 100% bet to your stake, and a final card before results are drawn. With this strategy, you have the chance to double up your winnings. However, there is also a chance to go bust.

2. Hit on a Hard 12 Strategy

Any advantage you can get over the dealer is important. A pair of 12 has a rather low chance of going bust, so you can add an additional card to get the win. With this strategy, there is a chance for the dealer to go bust but also a chance they might end up with a higher hand value.

3. The Double-Down Method

With this strategy, you aim to double down if your hand value is 10 or the dealer has an up card valued at 9 or less. With this method, it’s easier to get an advantage over the dealer with a stronger hand.

Now that you have all the information you need, why not get started at one of our recommended online casinos, where you can test your betting strategy with a generous welcome bonus!

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