What Will iGaming Look Like in 2024?

iGaming in 2024

When taking a closer look at the online gaming industry, one can’t help but consider the latest trends and what’s to come in 2024. Ignoring the trends could ultimately leave you needing to catch up, especially as a service provider.

The iGaming industry is rapidly growing primarily due to the current trends. We look at some of the new and developing trends of 2024.

Hot Gambling Trends in 2024

AI Integration

One of the top trends we’re seeing is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), with around 77% of devices already incorporating AI technology in one way or another. Businesses worldwide are acquiring AI-powered tools for their businesses.

The expectation is that by 2026, AI-focused system expenses will exceed $300 billion. And by 2030, AI will add around $15.7 trillion to the world’s GDP.

With AI technology, it’s possible to do deeper research and analyse target markets and audiences much faster; it is also used to support players, look for potential risks, and offer additional protections against possible attacks. There is a list of benefits for businesses and sites implementing AI technology.

Leading Technology

With technology like VR and AR, how casinos operate online is quickly changing. Allowing for sites to create new and engaging experiences that players would love. VR gives sites the potential to create a visually delightful experience similar to that of a real-life casino. And AR helps with the creation of three-dimensional games.

Mobile Gaming

If there’s one thing players love more than online games, it’s getting to play them from anywhere at any time. The rise of mobile gaming has been a long time coming, but over the past few years, operators and game developers have dedicated more time and effort to the mobile experience. The majority of sites today are created on mobile-friendly platforms.

The growth of the mobile industry is only expected to continue thanks to innovations like Telegram Casinos. These sites run seamlessly through an AI-powered chatbot integrated into the messenger platform.

The Rise of the Metaverse

Another thing expected to gain popularity in 2024 is metaverse casinos. These platforms use different types of technology, including AI, AR, VR, and cryptocurrency. This changes the site’s whole effect as it allows for a larger range of activities and interactions beyond gaming.

These sites come with fun avatars and the possibility of digital ownership. With the chance for players to take part in social engagement with other users and claim the most exciting promotions.


Safety is one of the key priorities for players and casino operators, and blockchain technology is quickly proving to be a highly effective solution. It provides a clear and transparent experience with secure storage of player information. Higher security and transparency build easier trust, making it the ideal solution for both sides.

Not to mention that smart contracts assist with automatic, accurate payouts that wipe out the middleman and give players peace of mind. Around 30,000 people participate in cryptocurrency-based gameplay every week, and these numbers are only expected to grow.

More Indie Games

When it comes to game genres, some seem to trigger nostalgia and present-time pleasure. One of the more recent trends is an increase in interest in indie and retro games. The gaming industry is following the trend, and just behind is the iGaming industry, bringing interesting and innovative titles to your favorite online operators.

Greater Focus on Responsible Gaming

Another trend that can’t be ignored is the increased focus on responsible gaming. Top markets are more heavily regulated, and the industry spends more on responsible gaming tools, resources, and measures to promote responsible gameplay. By promoting responsible gaming, we can reduce the problems and risks of problem gaming.

People are always looking for new ways to entertain themselves while at the same time maintaining social connections. While gaming has always been considered an isolated event, the industry is quickly changing to prove it’s anything but.


What types of games are expected to gain more popularity in 2024?

There is a big focus currently on retro and indie-themed games. As well as esports, which expand the betting options on sports betting platforms.

What limitations on casino games may be removed?

There is a greater focus on ease of accessibility, which is why many sites are now available cross-platform. You can play the same games via various consoles and devices.

Can you gamble on Telegram?

Yes, with the new Telegram casinos, you can access top casinos via the messenger app to play real money games.

What are the most exciting gambling trends to keep an eye on?

Many trends are currently visible in the iGaming industry, but among the most popular are Telegram casinos, VR, AR technology implementation, and AI to personalise the experience.

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