BetProtect: An App Created by an Ex-Gambling Addict for Gamblers

BetProtect: Take a Break App

Responsible gambling has been all the rage for years now but for some, simply having responsible gambling tools available isn’t enough to make a difference.

A father and son duo have launched BetProtect, an app that encourages and helps players from possibly becoming addicted to gambling.

After spending 8 months in jail for embezzling money from his company to fuel his gambling addiction, David Bradford was in more than half a million GBP in debt. Instead of accepting his fate and working off his debt, David decided to tackle problem gambling head-on.

Launching the BetProtect App

David and his son Adam have worked closely with industry leaders and bookmakers over the last 2 years to create the BetProtect app.

The web-app, which can be accessed via desktop and mobile, is a player awareness space with tools and professional help to assist players. The tools are aimed at shedding light on a player’s relationship is with gambling and providing real-life advice when needed.

David Bradford commented on the work they’ve done to release BetProtect, saying:

“As I never believed I had a gambling problem I never sought help in any form. On reflection, I needed intervention from a trusted source. My trusted friend was my computer where I submerged myself into the gambling experience. Only on very few occasions did I feel I needed help but for sure on any of those rare moments there was no life raft to guide me and indeed support me – hence I drowned in my delusional world and nobody was listening.
Using my experience and that of others, we have produced an ever-attentive tool called BetProtect.
No other support tool existed back at the height of my gambling and solace was always to play more and more. BetProtect is available now to encourage a pause for thought in the journey and furthermore an invitation to explore the products within such that it would be my best friend without judgement. Nothing was available in my darkest moments until now.”

Counsellors and therapists are available to host live conversations when a player is most vulnerable.

Safer gambling for all

BetProtect works in conjunction with Crucial Compliance, a company that works closely with industry operators.

More than just a quick fix, both BetProtect and Crucial Compliance are wanting to help make responsible gambling sustainable. Long-term and effective safe gambling practices are important for all to enjoy online gambling for the entertainment it can offer and nothing more.

Adam Bradford, David’s son, commented on what they want BetProtect to achieve:

“BetProtect is an opportunity for the industry to put its best foot forward in providing additional safety messaging and a safe space for people to take time out at any point in the customer journey in an accessible way.
We know there is no one silver bullet to completely minimising gambling-related harms but in the suite of tools and offerings the industry presents to its users, we see this software as an effective part of that portfolio. We are looking forward to working with operators on implementing the solution for their customers to suit their own customer journeys and responsible gambling tools.”

Responsible gambling is about more than just setting a budget, it’s about a mindset that must be cultivated. We hope to see great things achieved by BetProtect in the future.

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