British Cashback Sites in Hot Water for Encouraging Gambling

Cashback Trouble in UK

Cashback services are quite popular with a wide range of services and purchases in various categories.

In recent years cashback has become a popular offer with the online casino industry as well.

Three top cashback sites have been accused of encouraging gambling by rewarding those who bet online.

Rewarding Customers Who Gamble

The three cashback sites Topcashback, Quidco, and Ohmydosh are currently in the hot seat for ‘promoting’ gambling.

These cashback sites offer cashback for various services and purchases which also include online casinos. These cashback sites are quite popular thanks to their deals with a wide number of retailers and companies as it allows them to offer rewards to consumers that make use of the platform.

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The big issue is that between these three there are more than 60 gambling, bingo, and betting sites being promoted.

And while there is no harm in affiliating with gambling operators the harm comes in the pay-outs and promotion of these sites.

Topcashback is not shy about paying out about £30,000 within a month to customers who sign up at one gambling site. This site also pays all new customers about £55 for wagers of at least £10 at Bonus Kings.

Then there is Quidco who pays £40 to all new Coral Casino member who makes a bet of at least £10 at the casino.

And Ohmydosh is also making huge success by offering its services to the gambling community. About eight of its 23 most lucrative deals come from gambling and bingo services.

In The Hot Seat

With these cashback sites currently in the hot seat for their cashback affiliation with the gambling industry, they should expect some lash back from the authorities.

At the current time, the UK is already in the process of updating gambling regulations and these current events are bound to get them noticed.

It’s a known fact that the main priority is increasing responsible gambling measures and initiatives. And removing all factors that might pose a threat or increase the number of problem gamblers. The supporters of responsible gambling initiatives have already taken notice.

Sue Anderson of the debt charity StepChange says that gambling firms shouldn’t go about exploiting people’s vulnerabilities. And still, there are various mechanisms still available that leave people vulnerable which include incentives such as cashback sites.

Quidco simply states that it expects consumers to make the right choices and gamble responsibly. A statement is bound to get the company even more trouble than it already has. Topcashback on the other hand took a more diplomatic approach saying that they will be more proactive and change how they choose to interact with the gambling industry. This includes reviewing the current strategy in place regarding partnerships with gaming operators. Ohmydosh has not yet made any comment regarding the current developments.

Gambling can be a great source of entertainment and rewards such as cashbacks a nice bonus boost when it is applied correctly. With the main focus on regulations and responsible gambling, it is becoming more important for industry professionals to establish connections and partnerships that will not feed on the vulnerable.

With the right measures in place, these rewards can still be enjoyed while encouraging users to still gamble responsibly.

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