Raw iGaming Proudly Reinvents the Wheel with SuperSlice Technology

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‘Wheels are the new reels’ is the unique concept of this innovative new gaming company.

Raw iGaming brings innovation, simplicity and entertainment to the table and presents the ever-changing iGaming industry with dynamically charged SuperSlice technology.

Combining the Familiar with the Drastically Different


Raw iGaming was founded in March 2021 and is a small company based in Spain, led by CEO Thomas (Tom) Wood. With over 20 years of experience in selling digital products, Wood is no stranger to the gaming industry and has worked on several popular slots during his time with SG Digital including Mega Drop, 88 Fortunes and Montezuma. He commented:

“Raw was born to break slot games free from what I call the Sea of Sameness.”

Players can look forward to seeing games built on an entirely different template than what most other slot games are based on.

Reinventing The Wheel

It is out of a mindset of looking beyond the “existing sea of sameness” that the innovative SuperSlice technology was born. Instead of reels, Raw bases its games on a wheel design that delivers anything from 2 to 12 slices that are different on every spin.

Players never know how many slices they will get, or which symbols they will hold. Expect to land anything from a multiplier trigger, a bonus, high or low-value symbols or just an empty.

Disrupting The Slot Industry

Raw iGaming certainly delivers on the extraordinary with their two debut slot games that are based on the SuperSlice dynamic wheels – which are highly volatile and supercharged.

Wheels of Rocks

Experience rock and roll as your inner headbanger turns up the volume to full blast. The game provides a multi-wheel concept and delivers a high volatility slot game where “SuperSlice meets Rock and Roll power”.

With an RTP of up to 95,47%, players can look forward to an action-packed concert where Rock and roll will never die. Trigger the MagSpins mechanism and potentially win up to 25,000x your bet in a single session bonus spin!

Other features include respins, free spins and multipliers of up to 50x your bet. Here are some of the features explained:

  • Multiplier Wheel – Should you have the multiplier triangles randomly appear on symbols, the multiplier wheel gets triggered that will multiply the symbol value up to 25x in the base game and up to 50x in free spins.
  • Respins – With respins, all the empty slices are replaced with new symbols or features, where the latter remains active, and all the symbols are awarded a multiplier trigger. A guaranteed win!
  • Free Spins – During Free Spins, the player gets 10 re-triggerable spins where symbol win increases its value for the remaining spins. The multiplier wheel value doubles up to 50x and combined with MagSpins and Respins your hit chances increase.
  • Magspins – Enjoy 3 spins on the special wheel of multipliers. For each spin, the multiplier value reloads with up to 10,000x the bet on a single spin.

Journey to Chaos

Who says that chaos is a bad thing? This world-first cascading wheel game lets you journey to ancient Egypt in search of Naunet and her Chaos spins, where you can win up to 15,000x your bet.

These gods are evasive and can award win multipliers between 1x to 8x, 8 or 12 re-triggerable Free Spins or Naunets’ Chaos Spins. Journey to Chaos has an RTP of between 90,38% and 95,56%.

Here are the key features in more detail:

  • Multipliers – Multiply your wins the further you get with cascading god wheels. You will move from Thoth (at 1x) to Horus (2x) and on to Osiris (3x) and then to Geb for 4x your win. Miss a win and start from Thoth again. The god wheel multipliers are doubled in Free Spins.
  • Ra Wheel – Here, it gets tricky as you will never know what you will get. It may be a 5x multiplier or just a stone. If you are very lucky, Ra will open the gate to Chaos Spins where the genuine treasure awaits.
  • Chaos Spins – If you were lucky to have Ra open these gates, Naunet awaits with unlimited multiplier spins. She captures gods and steals their multipliers to give to you until COLLECT is awarded. She can also award you a 2x or 3x on the entire multiplier bounty.
  • Bonus Rush – Hit the Bonus Rush button and find yourself in the treasure room. You have a choice of 8 or 12 Free Spins or jump directly to Chaos Spins, where you can buy spins that can award up to 15,000x your bet.
SuperSlice Desktop

Raw Dares to Stand Out

“We will stand out or we will stand down” is the mantra that drives the Raw iGaming team to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and aim to deliver products that are simple, different and entertaining.

Raw is all about finding authentically innovative fresh approaches to entertaining and is breaking the mould with its patent-pending SuperSlice technology. Raw believes that it is time to stop copying other studio mechanics and that players “deserve something original, something truly innovative”.

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