Is Your Local Land-Based Casino Really Safe?

Land-based casino security

Recent headlines regarding the land-based casino industry and popular establishments have been more negative than positive. This has left many avid land-based gamers with questions regarding the safety of playing at brick-and-mortar gaming venues.

We take a closer look at the recent headlines and how secure land-based casino gaming is currently.

Is Your Land-based Casino Behind the Times?

There seems to be a growing trend of cyber security crimes, with casinos being the main target.

One of the biggest recent shocks was discovering that Caesars and MGM Resorts were compromised in a cybersecurity attack.

Earlier in September, MGM Resorts was attacked in what is considered one of the largest hacks this year. In early September, the operator made it public that a cybersecurity issue had been affecting their systems. In the public announcement via Twitter, the company stated that law enforcement has been notified and action is being taken to secure customer data.

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The majority of the affected venues were based in Las Vegas. During the attack, a lot of activity was done manually as new systems and security was implemented. The recovery time for the attack was around 10 days.

While MGM Resorts has everything open in public, it was quickly discovered that Caesars experienced the same issues a couple of days before. While the exact dates are still uncertain, the information came after Caesars filled in a Securities and Exchange Commission form to explain that it has been investigating a cyber threat since 7 September.

There are no clear details on how the attacks happened, but allegedly, it was by the group known as Scattered Spider.

New Security Measures

In response to the breach, both Caesars and MGM Resorts have taken the necessary steps to secure their systems and data. MGM Resorts has also offered free identity protection services and credit monitoring for all customers whose accounts have been affected.

These attacks are not the first this year, as Gateway Casinos in Ontario also experienced similar issues due to a cybersecurity attack in April 2023.

Many are worried that the brick-and-mortar casinos are no longer secure. While cybersecurity attacks did occur, it should also be noted that these problems were addressed right away. With all the necessary measures taken to protect players and their personal information.

As Caesars Entertainment Chief Legal Officer, EVP, and Secretary Edmund Quastmann Jr stated. No company can ever eliminate the risk of a cyber-attack, but the necessary steps can be taken to increase security. This is exactly what MGM Resorts and Caesars Casino did after the most recent attack.

Reasons To Take Your Gaming Online

Here’s a couple of reasons online casinos are growing more popular by the day:

1. Convenience

Due to the mobility of online casinos, you don’t have to travel anywhere for gameplay action. Instead, you can enjoy playing your favourite games at home or on the go via your desktop or mobile device.

2. Wider Range of Games

There are thousands of online slots, hundreds of RNG and Live dealer card games to enjoy, and various other types of games. You can also get special casino bonuses for specific types of games that you prefer.

3. Bigger Win Potential

On top of that, the game variants at online casinos often come with fun features and bigger payout potential. Progressive jackpot slots are a particular plus as they space across an entire network of casinos, giving you unlimited winning potential.

4. More Secure

Another big plus about online casino gameplay is the layers of security, from payment methods to SSL data encryption and other security technology. With all the additional security measures, playing online at regulated gaming venues is safer.

Land-based Casino FAQs

💡 Who is responsible for the Caesars and MGM Resorts hack attacks?

Those behind the Caesars and MGM Resorts cyber-attacks are believed to be the group Scattered Spider, also known as UNC3944.

🔐 Which casinos were affected by cybersecurity attacks?

Cybersecurity attacks have affected many casinos, including MGM Resorts, Caesars, and Gateway Casinos earlier this year.

🧷 Are land-based casinos still safe?

While cyberattacks did take place, the venues quickly took attacks, which included implementing new security measures and lawful action.

💻 Is it better to play at online casinos?

There are pros and cons to all types of gaming venues, but online casinos are more convenient, carry more games, and come with additional security.

✅ How do I know an online casino is safe?

Browse our list of recommended online casinos for the most secure sites with modern safety features and licensing from respectable gaming authorities.

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