UK Gambling Act Under the Microscope

UK Gambling Act Review

Evaluating the UK Gambling Act and its effectiveness is no easy task for the UK Gambling Commission’s Head of Evidence Assurance and Evaluation, David Taylor, as he outlined the “proportionate approach” of the commission.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) has already begun reviewing the current legislation. The measures to be taken must be carefully evaluated and monitored by the DCMS alongside the UKGC, as their involvement continues once changes have been implemented.

UK Gambling Act Under Review 

The proposed changes to UK gambling that were highlighted were the “when and how” companies interact with customers as well as the rules for product content in land-based and online gaming. 

David Taylor said, “We need to establish if they are being delivered effectively, understand if they are achieving their intended outcomes and impacts, identify any unintended consequences, and capture learning to inform the implementation of policy changes that might occur in future”. 

Furthermore, Taylor emphasised the importance of a proportionate approach to ensure that the rule changes deliver the right outcomes and how they fit in the wider picture.

The Gambling Commission will progress its ongoing work to make gambling safer through regulation. The UKGC and DCMS have commissioned NatCen to assist them in designing a framework that will outline options for process and impact evaluations and provide practical recommendations for implementing evaluations and the data required for monitoring.

Taylor noted that relying on NatCen’s evaluation expertise will be important in determining the most appropriate approach. This could include identifying opportunities for conducting evaluation trials once final policy positions and implementation dates are decided upon following the consultation process.

Keeping Operators Accountable

The regulatory framework currently available for both online and land-based casinos requires gambling companies to provide player protection as a condition of their operating licences. Breach of this obligation is subject to compliance and enforcement action by the Gambling Commission.

After the initial 16-week call for evidence, everything was presented alongside other data to the government to assess with the aim of setting out conclusions and any proposals. The UKGC will follow up with further details regarding the evaluation, approach, and consultation response documents.

The ongoing review of the UK Gambling Act presents a vital opportunity to assess its effectiveness, address arising challenges, and ensure that regulatory standards remain proportionate to the growing needs of society.

UK Gambling Act FAQs

🎲 Why renew the UK Gambling Act?

The government is reviewing the Gambling Act to ensure that the regulatory framework can protect children and vulnerable people and to keep gambling fair and open in the digital age.

👍 What obligations do gambling companies have under the current regulatory framework?

Both online and land-based casinos are required to adhere to player protection obligations as conditions of their operating licenses. Breaches of these obligations may result in compliance and enforcement actions by the Gambling Commission.

😇 How will the UKGC ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation of the Gambling Act Review?

The UKGC will use objective, data-driven criteria to ensure a fair and impartial evaluation of the Gambling Act Review’s impact.

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