GiG Launches SweepX in the Midst of Growing Sweepstake Market

SweepX GiG

In exciting news, the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has launched SweepX, a social sweepstakes casino platform for the US.

The platform’s launch came at a time when most data showed that the market is emerging in the US, with growth seen in 2020 due to the pandemic. According to experts, growth is endless in the sweepstakes market, estimated to reach $6.9 billion by the end of 2025.

The gaming solutions company, whose headquarters is in Malta, will lead the US land-based sweepstake operator Primero into the social online sweepstakes casino market for the very first time. Primero will be able to leverage the player database to expand into the online social casino market.

A Word from GiG

GiG’s chief Business Officer, Andrew Cochrane, stated, “GiG is synonymous with innovation, and our SweepX solution is the result of our tireless pursuit of excellence for product innovation across the online sweepstake market.”

He further said, “As an extremely experienced turnkey solutions provider, the strength inherent in our technology and services has allowed us to develop what we consider to be the leading platform, data, and AI-driven solutions available within social gaming and will help power the growth of the market across the US within the next few years.”

The “cutting-edge” solution designed for SweepX incorporates dual-wallet store management for prizes and redemptions. 

AI-Assisted Content by GiG

Many have described GiG’s AI-assisted content management technology as a major competitive benefit for operators in the online casino market.

Let’s take a brief look at the revolutionary AI technology of the X-suite:

  • DATA x is a real-time reporting and intelligence-based solution.
  • LOGIC x exceeds all boundaries of the well-known traditional igaming technology. It can define and create business rules with no coding knowledge.
  • CORE x stands out as the new era of platform technology. It is scalable and highly adaptable, promising limitless growth for its partners.

These features can make a huge difference to players and how they interact with social casinos.

Who is Primero?

Now that we know one side of the deal, let’s explore other partners, such as Primero.

Primero Games was founded in 2009. Its speciality is designing original casino software and equipment for the industry. Primero Games has over 50,000 sweepstakes machines across the US and is also the proud owner of the UK retail operator Storm Games.

Barry Rutherford, the CEO, said, “GiG’s world-class platform will allow us to bring more content and an experience for our players that is second to none. Combining our unique player acquisition strategy and GiG’s innovative technology, we are positioned perfectly for the US market and for iGaming markets across the globe.”

Primero promises to continue delivering the latest inventions to the gaming industry, taking into account players’ needs and making it the next big thing.


How does SweepX work?

Sweepstakes participants enter by buying a ticket or accumulating points. Winners are randomly drawn.

What is the future of sweepstakes in the gaming market?

The sweepstakes market is predicted to continue to grow as more jurisdictions limit traditional gaming.

What are the benefits of using SweepX for operators?

SweepX provides operators with a turnkey solution for offering sweepstakes, limiting their need to develop their own platforms.

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