UK Advertising Standards Authority Has Its Eye on Gambling

UK advertising

The UK Advertising Standards Authority is tightening its reigns on operators and what they post online. The authority is taking a no-nonsense approach to advertising that goes against regulations. 

UK Advertising in Line With Regulations

After a wave of action seen against several operators, Felix Faulkner, Solicitor at Poppleston Allen, says that operators must ensure that their advertisement falls in line with UK regulations. Faulkner continues stating that the gambling industry is identified as a ‘high-priority area’ for the Advertising Standards Authority. 

Sky Bet was the latest to fall under scrutiny after promoting a post on featuring Gary Neville and The Overlap football podcast, which strongly appealed to those under 18. The post was ruled irresponsible and inconsistent with the relevant CAP code. 

According to Faulkner, this ruling was quite surprising as the ASA has been more lenient on the use of other long-retired footballers in gambling advertising in the past. In this case, what may have tipped the scales seems to be his social media presence and the way the investigation came to the ASA’s attention. 

Similar cases include Ladbrokes, bet365, and William Hill. In which the ASA raised the complaint based on intelligence gathered by its Active Ad Monitoring system, which utilizes AI to search for any online ads that do not comply with regulations. 

Strict Enforcement

The current approach shows that the ASA will not be letting up any time soon, and gambling operators will need to remain compliant with the rules when it comes to the use of celebrities in gambling advertisements. 

In the first month the rules were in force, the ASA brought the first complaint related to the CAP Code against Ladbrokes for a promoted X post. Since then, there have been a number of related rulings and various investigations regarding complaints received. 

It would be wise for the industry to heighten its compliance to new levels as the ASA is proactive and dedicated to enforcing compliance by selectively using its AI-based system to tackle gambling advertising. 

The main priority is ensuring all gambling advertising complies with gaming regulations and following responsible gambling rules. 

UK Casino Advertising FAQs

🇬🇧 What is expected of UK operators?

Online casino operators are expected to make sure advertising falls in line with UK regulations.

👎 What did Sky Bet do?

Sky Bet promoted a post on X featuring Gary Neville and the Overlap podcast, which may be considered to have a strong appeal to minors.

☁️ What was the problem with the Sky Bet post on X?

The post did not align with the relevant CAP code and was considered irresponsible.

🔎 Which other casino operators previously faced action?

Casinos like Ladbrokes, Bet365, and William Hill have also faced action for similar complaints in terms of advertising.

🤔 How is gambling advertising tackled?

The ASA is becoming more proactive by selectively using an AI-based system to spot irregularities in gambling advertising.

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