5 Non-Betting Card Games for Gamblers Who Need a Break

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There will be days that you want to play casino games in hopes of hitting big wins, and then there will be days you just want a fun betting game. For the days you’re not in the mood to wager, you might want to try fun, non-betting card games.

We’re not talking about the free-play version of your favourite card or table game, but you can opt for those, too. This page looks at exciting card games where you can battle and use strategy without spending real money.

Top 5 Non-Betting Card Games

If you’re ready for something different and highly immersive, check out these non-betting card games:

1. Marvel Snap

Price: Free | Available on Steam, iOS & Android

Snap! Yes, thought that might ring a bell. Your inner child might be calling you into this one. Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game with a deck of 12 cards. You guessed it, the deck consists of your favourite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains and with each of these characters comes their unique powers and abilities.

Marvel Snap

Your objective is to use the cards you have to outwit your opponent. This game is available across desktop and mobile devices. It’s fun to play and quick to learn. As with other card games, you can enjoy free play, but if you want to pimp out your deck of cards, you may need to spend some real money or gold. 

2. Hearthstone

Price: Free | Available on Battle.net, iOS & Android

Another exciting card game is Hearthstone. Proceed with caution as this game might seem like child’s play, but with its beautiful graphics, easy-to-learn rules, and immersive plot lines, it’s highly immersive. With Hearthstone, you get to challenge anyone at any time or refine your skills by playing casual mode.


You can collect cards and build decks for insane adventures. Think minions, quests, spells, and heroes all in one space. It’s a simple game, but strategy is required if you want to outsmart your opponent. You can build and upgrade your decks with the different card sets. The basic set can be completed by playing the game, but cards from other sets require spending gold or real money.

3. Magic: The Gathering Arena

Price: Free | Available on Epic, iOS & Android

Magic: The Gathering is a popular card game that has been played for decades, while Magic: The Gathering Arena was only released in its beta state in late 2017, with a full version for Windows users in 2019. MacOS users only got it in 2020, with mobile users having to wait until 2021.

Magic the gathering arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena is essentially a digital adaptation of the Magic: The Gathering card game. With this game, you can gain cards with booster packs, in-game activities or microtransactions. You can build your decks and challenge other users. There are also championships where you can participate in battle for the ultimate MTG Arena Champion title.

4. Card Thief

Price: Free | Available on iOS & Android

Awaken your inner thief for a stealthy mission in Card Thief. With this game, you get to sneak through the shadows, attempt to pickpocket guards and make your way to valuable treasures without getting caught. With every heist, you get to use 3 equipment cards in an attempt to become a skillful master thief.

Card Thief

If you’re looking for a challenging strategy game, then Card Thief is a top recommendation. With this game, you make use of your cards and strategies to proceed. It’s a beautifully designed game that is available on Android and iOS devices.

5. Solitairica

Price: $9.99 | Available on Steam, Epic, iOS & Android

We all know and have played Solitaire at least once. Now picture solitaire in an alternate universe featuring RPG combat, challenges and magic. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Solitairica. In this exciting game, you can play Solitaire to battle enemies, harness powerful energies from cards, and upgrade your decks to strengthen your attacks.

Solitairica - Non-betting card games

You can master four energies:

  • Attack: Destroy Cards
  • Defense: Counter/Armor
  • Agility: Peeking and Quickness
  • Willpower: Healing/Arcane

You’re on a mission to battle the terrible Emperor Stuck and the rest of your enemies using magical items and spells. It’s an exciting game where every player goes on their own unique journey as they use different combos in an attempt to defeat their enemies.

Non-Betting Card Games FAQs

Can I play non-betting card games on mobile?

Yes, these card games run smoothly on all devices, and there are dedicated apps for Android and iOS users available for download.

Can I play non-betting card games for free?

The base gameplay of most of these games is free, but you may incur some small spending when you start building your decks.

How long do I have to wait to play my turn?

This depends on the card game; with most of these online card games, you generally wait less than a minute for your turn.

Are these casino games?

No, these are not casino games; they are fun card/online games you can play alone or with a community when you don’t want to partake in gambling.

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