Big Plinko “Win” is a Cautionary Tale

Play Plinko with caution

Crypto casino players have access to a wide range of highly entertaining games with fast-paced game rounds that could lead to massive payouts. 

These games come with many benefits but can also be quite straining on your bankroll budget if you’re constantly betting the maximum amount. 

We’re always here to celebrate with players who hit the big wins, but at the same time ready to warn players not to chase the headlines. 

Player Triggers $1.2 Million Plinko Win

One player recently hit a $1.2 million win playing Plinko. The over $1 million win was triggered on a $2k wager with a multiplier of 620x. 

While the win is impressive on a multiplier of less than 1000x, punters should be aware that this is not a simple spin-and-win situation. 

Congratulations are in order for the lucky player, but one should also consider the large amounts wagered. Not every player has the bankroll budget to bet a massive $2,000 per game round. 

A Closer Look at Plinko

Winning or losing at Plinko is similar to any other game of chance. If you’re unfamiliar with Plinko, it is an online crash casino game that is based on the popular Pachinko game. 

Plinko games at crypto gaming sites use provably fair technology, ensuring that all game rounds are fair and results can be checked and verified. With most games, you can set the risk from low to high; the higher the risk, the higher the prize value. 

Most will recommend playing with max rows at high risk to unlock the maximum pay potential. While this is tempting, it’s not always viable if you take into consideration the return to player percentage and the bet amount. 

With Plinko games, your bet limits can range between $0.01 and $2000 or more, depending on the provider. The return to player percentage tends to be 99%, which is quite high, but keep in mind this is based on the overall performance of the game, not individual gameplay. 

The moral of the story is that while it might be tempting to ride the waves of one big jackpot win, not every player will have the same luck or budget. 

Playing games, whether it be Plinko or any other game, should be done responsibly and for entertainment purposes. Anything else is a nice bonus. 

Try Something in Your Bet Range

Plinko is the type of casino game that is exhilarating and can be extremely rewarding, but it can also deplete your bankroll if you’re not careful. 

While some games push the betting amounts up to figures that are heavy on your pocket, there are other games that are more budget-friendly. 

Some titles will offer bets between $0.1 and $2 max, and while this means that your winnings will also be much smaller, it also means you’ll have more control over your spending. $2 per game round in comparison to $2000 is much more reasonable. 

On top of that, it’s important to remember that there is never a guarantee that a high wager will lead to a big win. So just because you’re betting $2,000 doesn’t mean you will trigger a $1 million win. Game outcomes are completely random and based on luck.

Useful Features

You’ll notice that Plinko games are quite simple; like various other crash games, they are void of any frills or added extras, instead focusing on pure, simple gameplay. However, there are a couple of useful features to enhance the gaming experience. 

Autoplay: The first is the Autoplay feature, which is located in the risk management settings. It’s a nifty feature that lets you set your bet amount, risk level, and more for a set number of rounds. 

Risk Management: The Risk management setting is all about game control. It gives you the freedom to control your game risk level and modify the odds. Keep in mind that the risk level will also determine the payout potential. The higher the risk, the higher the payouts. 

Tips for Plinko Betting

Here are a couple of tips for a safer and happier betting experience no matter where you choose to wager or which games you choose to play: 

Set a Bankroll Budget

The first thing you need to do before playing any games is to set a bankroll budget. Decide how much you can spend and set the limit. Top sites will have tools available that you can use to implement these limits should you want to. 

Start Small

Seeing articles of players hitting big wins at high or medium-risk bets will be tempting. Don’t give in to the temptation; instead, start small and ease into it. Play at amounts that work for your budget, not your ideal budget. Work with what you have, not what you want. And never chase your losses. 

Try Different Risk Levels

Plinko often allows you to choose between low, medium and high-risk levels when playing. The risk level determines the payout potential. You can alternate between the risk levels to stay within your budget. 

Change the Number of Rows

Instead of sticking with a set number of rows, you can change the number of rows you’re betting on. This can impact the directional flow of the Plinko Ball and might even increase the odds of winning. 

Change the Ball Direction

Don’t stick to just one side when dropping the ball. Switch up the sides when dropping the ball. So instead of continuously dropping the ball from the left side, try dropping it from the right side. 

Plinko FAQs

Is Plinko fair?

Yes, the game uses provably fair technology to provide a fair betting experience where you can check and verify the results of every game round.

Can I play Plinko for free?

There is a free/demo version of the Stake Plinko game available. Select the demo version to play for free.

What is the Plinko RTP?

Most Plinko game variants have an average return-to-player percentage of 99%.

What is the highest multiplier for Stake Plinko?

The highest multiplier for Stake’s Plinko is 1000x. To hit this multiplier, you must have your risk setting at the maximum, playing all possible rows.

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