The Squid Game Slot is Back… But Not Online

Squid Game slot

New game releases increase the variety you can choose from when playing at your favourite online casino. Online sites get more new releases, but the latest land-based game has online operators green with envy.

Land-based players will soon enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience on the new Squid Game slot machine while iGaming fans are left in the dust.

New Squid Game Slot Details

A recent partnership between the Light & Wonder software provider and Netflix led to the creation of the new land-based Squid Game slot. The game was unveiled at the G2E in Las Vegas.

The game cabinet features elements and themes all inspired by the hit 2021 South Korean survival drama. The bonus features are easily recognised as the different games from the original series. This includes Tug of War, The Glass Tile, and Red Light/Green Light.

The exciting new Squid Game slot is exclusive to land-based platforms and will not be released in online casinos.

It’s an impressive game with a big transparent iDeck and integrated lightning. It uses a 27-inch touch screen, mobile chargers, and dual play buttons. Light & Wonder CEO Matt Wilson says the game brings the show to life across multiple casino platforms.

BGaming’s Squidpot Recalled

Late in 2022, we were excited to announce the launch of BGaming’s Squidpot game. The game featured the same theme as the Squid Game Netflix series with smooth graphics and the opportunity to rake in wins of up to 2,000x your stake.

Unfortunately, the software developer quickly recalled the game. When the announcement came, operators were asked to remove the game from their libraries as soon as possible without further information about the reason behind the sudden game retraction.

This could be why L&W have opted not to add this game to their online catalogue, but it remains to be seen if this will change.

Squid Game Slot FAQs

Who is Light & Wonder?

Light & Wonder, formerly known as Scientific Games, is a popular game creator that was rebranded in March 2022. It’s currently only focusing on casino gaming unit creation.

What special features will the Squid Game slot have?

The game comes with three bonus features based on the iconic games from the series. This includes Tug of War, Red Light/Green Light, and The Glass Tile.

Can I play Squid Game online?

Unfortunately for online gamers, the new Squid Game slot title will only be launched in land-based casinos.

When will the Squid Game slot be available?

The new Squid Game title by Light & Wonder is expected to hit land-based casino floors in 2024.

Will an online version of the Squid Game slot be made?

Currently, the focus is the launch of the land-based title, but there are talks of a digital version of the slot being created.

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