Experience Cappadocia with Smartsoft’s Hot Air Balloons!

Cappadocia Crash Game

Cappadocia is no longer just an Instagram reel or an item on your bucket list. With one of Smartsoft’s latest games called Cappadocia, you can be there for real, and fly all the hot-air balloons your heart desires.

There are several types of balloons to choose from, each different from the other in visual effect and animation every time you make a profit. The type of balloon is also determined by the bet you choose to make, as simple as that!

Smartsoft, established in 2015, is famous for JetX and has managed to form ties with an impressive list of brands in a short period of time. Their games can be found in a number of popular and leading online casinos, and are known for their innovation and out-of-the-box approach when it comes to game design.

Experience Cappadocia Like Never Before

A colourful display of hot air balloons, set against the beautiful backdrop of a deserted landscape in Turkey, Cappadocia is replicated beautifully in this casino game. Simply choose a colour balloon linked to the size of your bet, and press GO! Take advantage of the multiplayer option to enjoy it in tandem with your very own special person.

The gameplay is simple and easy, you choose a balloon representing the bet you are willing to make and watch as your balloon soars to the sky. Try to cash out before your hot-air balloon collapses, but the longer you wait, the more you can win! If the hot-air balloon pops, you lose.

Cappadocia Crash Game Screenshot

Reach New Altitudes

The music transports you all the way to Turkey and the sound effects are spot on! Playing with or without the sound is equally thrilling. Bet as low as €0.50 or as high as €200 – that is, if you are not bothered by heights.

Press GO and wait as your chosen balloon ascends to the sky, up and up. Quickly cash out if you feel the need to, otherwise your vessel will pop and disintegrate, and you win nothing.

This may be different from any other slot game, but it also still works with a random-number generator (RNG), which ensures the random outcome of the game round, even though you may feel you have all the power while playing this game.

It’s not about “how low can you go” – Cappadocia is all about “how high” you dare to go and is absolutely thrilling to play.

Can You Handle the Heat?

The trick to Cappadocia is to decide when it’s the right time to cash out and when to hold. The higher your balloon climbs, the more you stand to win. But we warn you, if you don’t cash out in time, your balloon might just pop into oblivion and leave you with nothing.

This is not a usual slot game – you have a variety of hot air balloons to choose from instead of spinning the usual cards and symbols. You choose between 10 balloons or bets – the lowest bet of €0.50 (yellow hot-air balloon) and the highest bet of €200, represented by a purple hot-air balloon.

Cappadocia Crash Game Paytable

Cappadocia on the Go

You can play Cappadocia on any mobile device or desktop PC as this modern game is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. It’s an easy game to play on the go that can be enjoyed on any smartphone or tablet but is just as fun on a PC.

We’re Going to Turkey!

We are intrigued and could hardly stop playing this interesting game that is different in all aspects. Cappadocia is an excellent addition to any online casino game library. The wait to the top is exhilarating and creates just the right amount of suspense. If you are a seasoned slot player and are looking for something different, you will love Cappadocia.

Be sure to try this unique game, especially if you need a change from the ordinary, and feel like you have the sixth sense to know when to cash out in time. Smartsoft might still be a small developer, but we are certain that they will soon have an increased presence at casinos around the world, including your favourite site.

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