Mobile Casino Guide

Mobile Casino Guide

Our mobile devices are used for more than just mobile casinos. Whether you’re checking the weather, investing in your future, banking, browsing Twitter, or playing your favourite mobile game, these devices are involved in our entire lives! 

As Android and iOS phones and tablets became more and more popular, mobile casinos and the games they feature rose up to provide a new level of online gambling excitement.  

What Are Mobile Casinos?

Mobile casinos are exactly that – casinos that can be enjoyed from your mobile device. In the early days of online casinos, there weren’t many sites that catered for mobile devices. That’s probably due to the fact that mobile devices in the early ’90s were not capable of handling much more than sending a text message. 

Fast forward to the early 2000’s and the world is a different place. No more are our phones simply used to communicate via text message or phone call, but they are used to plan, organise and run our lives. 

It’s the era of the mobile device and that means it’s time for mobile casinos to shine! No more are online casinos given the option of being mobilefriendly – it’s simply expected. In fact, mobile casinos are so popular that there are casinos who cater entirely for mobile users and the casino games they enjoy. 

Advantages of a Mobile Casino

You may be wondering what the point of using mobile casinos is when you can log in to your casino account from your desktop computer or laptop?  

The answer is a simple one – Ease of access. 

No matter where you find yourself and no matter what you may be doing, you can quickly hop on to your casino account and take a spin on any casino game of your choice. There’s no need to be tied to your desk when you can enjoy the freedom of playing your way from your mobile device of choice. 

Another advantage is experiencing the same game in different ways. If you enjoy a particular online slot from your desktop, why not experience it from your tablet or mobile instead? You may find the game has a more enticing mobile version than you expected. 

Lastly, many software providers are now creating games exclusively for mobile casinos. They may either release the mobile version of the game first or have it cater for mobile users only. You could be missing out on big winning fun if you choose to ignore mobile casinos and everything they have to offer! 

Mobile Casino Sites vs Mobile Casino Apps

At the start of the mobile casino revolution, it was popular for online casinos to create apps that needed to be installed on your phone before you could access their site. 

There are still a few online casinos that offer this service and making use of these could mean experiencing a more stable way to play. However, mobile casino sites have improved in leaps and bounds since they were first created. 

If you have a steady internet connection, you can rest assured that most mobile casinos will provide a rewarding and entertaining experience for as long as you choose to keep placing bets. 

One advantage of using a mobile casino app is that you should be able to log in with a single tap of your screen. That doesn’t mean you won’t have the same experience when playing from a mobile casino website, but the choice is entirely up to you. 

What Are The Best Gambling Apps?

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is one of the most reputable online casinos in the industry with a wide variety of casino games. This casino can be also be accessed via your mobile browser or downloadable software on any Android or iOS mobile or tablet device. The Betway casino app provides you with the authentic desktop experience no matter where you find yourself. The casino runs perfectly on any Android or iOS device and can be downloaded directly from the app store. The mobile app offers a smaller selection of games than the desktop casino but it provides a nice enough range to keep you entertained on the go. There are plenty of online slots, table games and live casino options to choose from. The mobile app also enables you to fund your account, claim bonuses or contact support should you require to do so.

Mr Play Casino

Mr Play is an aesthetically pleasing online casino that is available on all mobile and tablet devices. You can visit the casino via your Android, iOS or Windows browser or if you are using an Android device you can download the Mr Play app.

While the mobile site is available to all, unfortunately, the mobile app is currently only available on Android devices. The app has a great range of games available and is free to download. When on the app you can access all your favourite slots and live dealer games.

As with desktop, the mobile app allows you the claim bonuses, contact support and continue with your everyday gameplay.

Karamba Casino

This funky and fresh online casino provides you with a choice of over 30 casino games which are available at the click of a button. When you visit Karamba casino via your mobile or tablet device mobile browser it will automatically adapt to suit your device. While on the mobile device you can look forward to the same thrilling experience which includes great bonus promotions and safety features.

The mobile site keeps most of the features which include the website design, all that changes is that it is made more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

In terms of games, these are quick to load with superb graphics. To get started on mobile via Karamba Casino you can simply visit the main website and scan the little QR code or click on the email request for a direct link to the mobile casino. Karamba Casino’s mobile version is perfectly optimized to run on all Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Choosing a Device to Enjoy Mobile Casinos

Since the dawn of mobile devices and the race for being the very best began, there’s been a not-so-silent war between Android and Apple iOS. 

While there are other mobile operating systems available on the market, there are none who hold their own against these two giants. For now 

When it comes to choosing a mobile device that can be used for mobile casino gambling, you’re in luck because there is almost no difference in the experience you’ll have when playing. 

Whether you choose to spin the reels of a mobile slot from a large Android device or you want to place bets on a table game from your smaller iOS device, there’s a good chance that the experience will be no different at all! 

This is all thanks to software providers creating casino games that can support and be enjoyed across any device, no matter the screen size or available storage space. Light on device resources and easily adaptable across screen sizes means mobile casino games are ready to rock and roll whenever you are. 

Online Mobile Casino Games

As mentioned before, mobile casino games are all the rage. Software providers are leading the way in creating mobile casino games that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch or while on the go. 

Vibrant colours, smooth gameplay, and great bonus features can all be expected when playing a mobile slot. In fact, there shouldn’t be much difference at all in comparison to the desktop version of the same game. 

The only difference you may experience when playing mobile casino games is that the playing controls may shift around slightly. It may be strange at first (if you’re used to the standard version of the game) but in the end, it’s to create a better playing experience. 

Thanks to this explosion in mobile gambling, you can enjoy all of your favourite casino games by the best software providers in the industry. No matter when or where you choose to play, your favourite casino game will be on hand in an instant. 

How to Choose a Mobile Casino

  1. Read reviews – Always ensure that the mobile casino you choose has a good reputation. There’s no need to play at dodgy casinos when there are hundreds of safe and secure sites to enjoy instead. 
  2. Is it mobile friendly? – Visit the site from your phone and make sure that the casino is indeed mobile-friendly. This includes load times and availability of mobile-friendly casino games. 
  3. Can you experience the casino easily? – Are there huge pop-ups that obscure your screen? Do you struggle to access the login, bonuses, or settings page? As long as the mobile experience is flawless and easy for you to use, playing should be a breeze. 

Questions and Answers

Take a look at a few questions that players have asked about playing at mobile casinos and find the answers you need! 

  • Are mobile casinos legit?  Definitely! Run by the same casino that created the desktop version of the site, the same licences and regulations apply.  
  • Can Bitcoin be used at mobile casinos?  Depending on the mobile casino you visit, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be available as a payment option. Be sure to enquire about this before signing up for an account. 
  • Are mobile casino bonuses worth claiming Mobile casino bonuses can vary from those offered on the casino website. For the most part, these bonuses are still rewarding but they may have slightly different cashout requirements or payment restrictions. Always read the terms and conditions before accepting a mobile casino bonus.

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