Online Keno

There are many different online casino games, but despite the wide range of new games that appear, some games just remain popular.  Online Keno is one of those classic casino games that have remained a favourite since it was first introduced. 

The game has an interesting history with its origin in China, but the name is derived from France. Keno translated means 5 numbers. It’s a lottery-style game which enables you to trigger big win bets.

Keno is popular for many reasons, which include its fast-paced gameplay that can lead to big winnings. If you enjoy instant win style games, then Keno might be what you’re looking for. On this page, we take a deeper look at Keno, how it’s played, and tips to play like a pro. Keep reading to find out more about this 2,000-year-old game variant.

How to Play Online Keno

Keno is a luck-based lottery-style game which means winnings are random. The outcome can’t be controlled. You do have the opportunity to increase your odds by learning the rules and finding the best keno variant. 

With Keno you will get a keno card filled with numbers. These numbers can go up to 80, depending on the variant you’re playing. You then get to pick the numbers you want to bet on. In most variants, you can pick up to 15 numbers. 

Some variants come with an automated picker you can use if you don’t want to choose the numbers for yourself. There’s the option to set your bet amount, which directly impacts the amount you can win. Every game has a different minimum and maximum bet amount value you can choose. 

You then select how many numbers of draws you want for the round. With every Keno game round, you can have up to 10 draws. From there, the game will pick 20 numbers to cross off. And if the numbers you picked aligns with the numbers picked by the machine, then your card is a catch. Winnings will be transferred to your account balance.

How to Choose the Best Keno Game for You

If you’re looking to play a new Keno online game, but you’re not sure how to get started or which is the best Keno game for you, you’re in the right place. Here’s how you move to pick the right keno game:

➡️ Find a Safe Online Casino

The first thing you want to do is join a safe and reputable online casino with the best range of keno games. It’s important to play at a secure, regulated Keno site for the opportunity to enjoy safe Keno games with fair outcomes. If you’re not sure where to play, you can check out our range of top-recommended Keno Online Casinos. 

➡️ Odds and Payouts 

Keno odds and payouts are determined by the amount you wager and the total numbers selected. The odds are straightforward. The more numbers you select, the better your odds become to catch some of them. The odds align with the prizes. So, if you pick nine numbers, there are odds of 1 in 31 to match five numbers. If you pick only 5 numbers, then the odds of matching them become 1 in 1,551. 

The payouts will vary based on the game, but it can be anything between 1x and 200,000x your bet. The total awarded depends on the total matching numbers. 

➡️ Bonus Features

There are different types of Keno games, and some will even come with exciting bonus features. These features add a little extra something to your gameplay. Aside from the regular gameplay, you can trigger free spins, wild numbers, and even multipliers. 

➡️ Mobile Compatible

One of the most exciting things about online sites is the constant development of technology. Today you can play the best keno game variants via any device. With the use of HTML5 technology, Keno games can be played from anywhere via your Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device.

Popular Types of Online Keno

Keno is not just a one size fits all type game. There are many different variants to cater to different types of players. Look at some of the most popular Keno options available online: 

✅ Classic Keno

First, there is the classic video keno which is available at most of the online casinos. This variant is straightforward, where you pick numbers and play. Pick 2 to 10 numbers and wait for the results as 20 possible winning numbers are drawn. Despite its simplicity, these games can award payouts of 200,000x your stake. 

✅ Themed Keno

If you’re not in the mood for a classic keno variant, you can try the themed keno games. These give you the same gameplay, but it features different themes with fun visuals. 

✅ Multi-Card Keno

Instead of a single type of keno game, you can also try the multi-card keno variant. This game allows you to pick and use up to 20 keno cards per game round. With this, you play different keno cards that share the same bet and selected numbers. 

✅ Keno Live

There is also Live Keno which is a newer and quite popular variant. With top software developers giving you the chance to try this traditional-style game in a live environment from the comfort of your own home. Some keno variants, like Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball, come with 5x to 100x multipliers.

✅ Multiplier Keno

You also get Multiplier Keno variants, where multipliers are awarded if your first picked number matches the drawn number. The multiplier can be about 4x. Other keno game variants come with a bonus multiplier that awards 1.5x to 10x multipliers at random.

Live Keno vs. Real Money Keno

Before picking a game blindly, you might want to check what types of keno games you can enjoy. There are different RTP Keno games and live dealer variants.

What’s the big difference?

First, there’s the fast pace of RTP video keno games that allow you to enjoy several rounds per minute. For those who prefer a slower pace, Live Keno is ideal, allowing you to strategize and play. 

With video keno, you don’t have to wait for the round to start or finish, you set the pace, whereas live keno requires you to wait before the round starts. 

Both Live and RTP Keno games can be played in classic or modern mode with exciting bonus features. With Video Keno games, you have high chances of winning and a lower house edge. With Live Keno, the house edge tends to be higher. 

There are different types of RTP keno options, whereas the live casino selection is currently quite limited. The wagers are quite decent for both RTP and Live Keno giving you the opportunity to win big. 

You aren’t required to have any skill to play either, but Live Keno can be quite intimidating for beginners.

Tips for Playing Online Keno

Keno is a highly entertaining game with simple rules. Here are a few quick tips to help you play like a pro.

  • Set a Bankroll Budget: It’s a fast-paced game that can quickly drain your bankroll, so start by setting a budget and sticking to it. 
  • Opt for Online Keno with Bonus Features: Games with bonus features bring more entertainment and fun with free spins, multipliers, and wild numbers. 
  • Keno with the Best Payouts: Try to choose keno variants with the biggest payouts. Choosing games with better payouts increase your winning odds. 
  • Try Progressive Keno: The regular Keno games can be highly rewarding, but nothing beats the thrill of Keno with progressive jackpot payouts. 
  • There’s no such thing as Lucky Numbers: Don’t play based on your ‘lucky numbers’. When it comes to Keno winning is based on chance. Lucky numbers don’t apply with RNG based games.

Online Keno FAQs

Are Keno games rigged?

Keno games, like most other games online, run through random number generator software to ensure a random and fair outcome. The software is tested regularly by independent auditors to ensure they are safe and fair.

What is Keno?

This is a popular lottery-style game that is quick to learn and easy to play. The game can feature up to 80 numbered balls. You pick different numbers and place your bets. Then 20 possible win numbers are drawn. If you match the drawn number, you get the corresponding payouts.

Can I play Keno for free?

Yes, you can enjoy free keno at the top-rated keno online casinos. There is the option of real money and free to play/demo mode. To play the game for free, simply load the demo version of the game.

What type of payouts does Keno offer?

With Keno, your odds of winning are determined by how many matching numbers you’ve picked. The less numbers you pick, the smaller your odds become. And the payout depends on the total matching numbers you have. The more numbers you match, the bigger the possible payout. Some games offer up to 200,000x your bet for 10 matching numbers.

What is the best keno casino online?

There is a wide range of top-rated online keno sites where you can enjoy a variety of high quality keno variants. For access to the top sites, check out our list of recommendations. Each of these sites have been vetted and reviewed.

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