UKGC Update: Get Ready for New Affordability Checks

UKGC changes

The UKGC is on a path determined to increase the safety of online casino players in the region. They are planning on implementing a wide range of changes across the industry which includes affordability checks. The changes can be expected in the third quarter of 2024 and the first quarter of 2025. 

Safety Boost

There are a couple of changes to be expected with one being ‘light touch’ affordability checks. These will be triggered once you’ve spent £150 for the month. 

The priority is to boost the safety and choices of consumers, and the new measures come after several white paper consultations. 

The changes will be implemented in four stages over the next few months. The first stage will be in August 2024, the second in November 2024 this year, and the third and fourth stages will take place in January and February 2025, respectively. 

New UKGC Checks

The new checks will come into force on August 30th. They will start with a limit of £500 and decrease gradually with each new stage until they are reduced to £150 by February 2025. 

The Commission will carry out a pilot to test and ensure the details of frictionless assessments, collaborating with credit reference agencies and gambling businesses to get a clear idea of their impact on consumers. 

The biggest operators will be involved in the pilot period of these new measures to obtain the most accurate understanding of the impact. Aside from light checks, there will also be a reduction in the speed and intensity of slots and other casino games. There will also be no more playing multiple games simultaneously, meaning no more blackjack and roulette played at the same time. 

The priority is to end the illusion of control and instead find harmony in the igaming guidelines. Players also need to understand that the current rules applied to online slots will also be implemented in other games, stopping any win celebrations on returns that are equal to or less than your stake. 

Rhodes says, “We have to get the balance right between protecting people from the potentially life-ruining effects of gambling-related harm and respecting the freedom of adults to engage in an activity that the vast majority do so without experiencing harm.”

The marketing sector will also see new changes as operators will have to enable players to opt in if they want to receive marketing. The Gambling Commission CEO, Andrew Rhodes, says it’s vital to introduce new rules based on evidence while considering the views of consumers and other industry parties. 

GGR Increase

The UK Gambling Commission revealed that the Gross Gambling Yield of the 4th quarter of the 2023-2024 financial year increased by 5% year over year. The increase is driven by online slots, which rose by 11%. 

According to the results, the GGY from the largest licensed betting operators decreased by 3%. Total spins and bets also decreased. Online real even betting increased by 2%. 


🆕 When will the new measures be implemented?

The changes are set to be implemented in four stages: August 2024, November 2024, January and February 2025.

✅ When will light touch affordability checks be triggered?

The light touch affordability checks will be triggered when players spend £150 per month.

🎰 What impact will the new 2024 UKGC changes have on slot games?

The game design will change, and players can expect a less intense and slow-paced slot-spinning experience.

🎲 What is happening with other casino games under the UKGC?

Rules that currently apply to online slots will be applied to other games, such as the elimination of visual or audio celebrations on any returns less than or equal to a player’s stake.

💷 What happens to big spenders at UKGC casinos?

Those who deposit over £25,000 per year will be requested to provide financial documentation to their operator.

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