Online Baccarat Game Guide

Baccarat Online Guide

Baccarat is a game of chance that has an appeal to players which dates back hundreds of years.

A Hollywood sweetheart with a claim to fame in the James Bond 007 films, Baccarat has become a glitz and glam form of gambling.

While you may picture handsome men in tuxedos and beautiful women sipping on cocktails playing this table game, you can enjoy Baccarat online from the comfort of your home while wearing your pj’s just as easily!

History of Baccarat

Based on an Italian game by the name of Baccara (or “zero”), Baccarat can be traced back to the reign of Louis XIV. One of the most popular games of chance amongst wealthy French people of the time, this game was enjoyed by many, even when gambling was deemed illegal.

When casino started to open their doors in the 19th century, Parisians had managed to keep Baccarat alive and it was then welcomed to the casino floor.

Many variants of the game have popped up due to its ability to travel far and wide. Because of this you’ll also find Chemin de Fer (or Chemmy) and Punto Banco.

After making a stop in Cuba, where the game became popular among players in Havana’s casinos, Baccarat finally made its way to Las Vegas where it is now enjoyed by new and experienced players alike.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat’s origin story may start in Italy, but thanks to online casinos, it can be enjoyed far and wide, wherever you may find yourself.

Early adopters of the game may have originally played the game using tarot cards, but in the 21st century, this table game can be enjoyed on a moving train at your favourite mobile casino!

Thanks to its simplicity, Baccarat is a top choice for many players. This is how you can get in on the action.

First, you must know who you’re up against. The game takes place between the player and the banker (or dealer). Facing off in a head to head, there’s one choice for you to make when placing your bet – whose cards will reach the closest to the total of 9? You can choose to bet on either the player, the banker or a tie.

Both the player and the dealer will each receive 2 cards for a standard card deck. A third card can be added to the mix if there’s enough wiggle room before hitting a total of 9.

Card values are a little different in Baccarat. Face cards are worth 0 points and Aces are worth 1 point. All other cards are taken at their normal values.

The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to 9 points with busting.

Baccarat Strategy

If you’re new to online casino gaming and looking for a fun card and table game to play then Baccarat is one of the best games to play. With the game having almost no strategy it’s ideal for beginners that being said there are some things to take into account before you head straight for the tables.

When playing Baccarat online the idea is to bet on whether the Player or Banker hand will win, alternatively, you can bet on it being a Tie. Baccarat might seem complicated but in reality, it’s a simple game with straightforward rules and betting options.

As mentioned there aren’t any real ‘strategies’ for baccarat. You simply bet on the Player, Banker or the hand result being a Tie. The most important rule many will share is to never bet on a Tie. To understand this you need to understand the numbers. In general, Baccarat is one of the casino games with a rather low house edge. However, each bet in the game has a different house edge which may vary based on the number of card decks it is played with.

The Banker bet generally has a house edge of 1.06%, the Player bet has a house edge of 1.24% and the Tie bet has a massive 14% house edge. The jump from 1% to 14% in the house edge is what makes the Tie Bet a no go for most even with it 8:1 payout.

Here are a few common Baccarat strategies that people have been known to follow:

Follow The Shoe – Betting on the one that wins E.g. Betting on the Player until it loses and then moving over to betting on the Banker.

Play The Chop – Always betting against the last result E.g. If the winning hand was the Banker’s then betting on the Player next.

Betting The Trend – Betting on the Player for three hands and winning and then switching things up and betting on the Banker on the fourth hand.

Card Counting – Many players would try to keep track of the wins and losses of the banker vs the player, in an attempt to bet on the trends. While it might be effective short term the reality is that this is an ineffective strategy long term as online baccarat remains a game of chance.

How to increase your winning chances:

  • Learn the rules of the game
  • Check the minimum bet amount before you start playing
  • Don’t bet on a tie
  • Don’t chase your losses
  • Practice with free play baccarat variants to get comfortable with the game

Ultimately there is no set or proven strategy out there to help you increase your winning opportunities in online Baccarat. The best way to win with Baccarat games is to always bet on the Banker as it is the betting option with the lowest house edge.

Other than that you can simply enjoy the game and try some of the strategies and tips above.

Baccarat online house edge

The house edge of online Baccarat depends on where you place your bet. Place your bet on the banker and the house edge will be 1.06%. If you choose to bet on yourself as the player, the house edge will be 1.24%.

As mentioned before, there is a third betting option: The Tie.

Compared to the other betting options, the house edge when betting on the tie is monstrous at 14.36%. It’s easy to see why so few players ever take this betting option into consideration.

Where to play online Baccarat

By far one of the most played table games at online casinos, you can find many different versions of Baccarat available at top online casinos. Take a look at our top picks and find one that suits your banking needs, your gaming wants, and take your chances!

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