Keno Online Guide

Guide To Keno Online

Keno is possibly one of the most popular Asian casino games in the world. With a history that stretches back hundreds of years, there must be something to this simple game of luck that keeps players coming back for more! 

History of Keno 

While there isn’t any firm proof, Keno may be one of the oldest lottery casino games in the world.  

Created in China, it is rumored that Keno help build the Great Wall of China during a time of war. The Great Wall was built from 1368 to 1644, making Keno anywhere from 350 to 650 years old. 

Once Macao started handing out gambling and lottery licenses, Keno was recognized officially, and the game could be played at land-based casinos. 

It only received the name “Keno” when it crossed the waters to the US in the 19th century and became a popular pastime in Texas. 

How to play Keno online 

If nothing else, Keno is a very simple game to play. Whether you’re enjoying the live casino version of the game or you’re playing a game of Video Keno, the rules remain the same. 

Step One: Choose your numbers 

The standard version of the game is played on a board with 8 numbers on it. It’s up to you to take your pick of the numbers and decide how many you think will appear in the draw. 

Much like a game of Bingo, Keno is all about luck! You can choose up to 15 numbers, but this may differ depending on where you’re playing. 

Depending on how many numbers you choose, the number of hits (or winning numbers) you receive will determine how you’re paid out at the end of the round. 

If you choose fewer numbers, you’ll only new a few hits in order to be rewarded. Each hit is also worth more but it’s harder to win overall. 

Choose more number and you’ll need more hits in order to win. Hits are also worth less, but you have a better chance of seeing your numbers appear during the draw! 

You must weigh up the pros vs the cons and make your choice from there. 

Step Two: Select a draw option 

Once you’ve chosen your numbers, you must now choose how many draws you’d like to play with those selected numbers. 

You can choose to play just once, five times, or ten times. You will need to place a bet for each draw option that the numbers are chosen to appear. 

If each bet costs €1, then choosing the ten-draw option will cost you €10. 

All draws are independent from one another. A failure or win on one draw will in no way affect any of the other draws in your betting option. 

Once all of the draws are done, you’ll be paid out for your winning selections so keep an eye on the scoreboard! 

Where to play Keno online 

It’s no secret that Keno is extremely popular! If you’re keen to try your hand at this game of luck, visit any of our top online casinos and you should find it waiting to be enjoyed. 

Any online casino that features Asian games or table games should have a version of Keno available and ready to make you a winner. We recommend these 3 casinos:

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