Yggdrasil Roll The Dice On Googles Cloud Platform

March 11, 2020

Yggdrasil Google Cloud

Yggdrasil is not only making a name for itself as a leader on the casino game front but also as one of the first iGaming suppliers to make the move to Google’s security-focused Cloud Platform (GCP).

Yggdrasil CTO, Krzysztof Opalka, said:

“We set ourselves a target last year to migrate our platform onto the cloud and we are very proud to have successfully completed this. This advanced set-up future-proofs the business in several core areas and ensures we can manage day-to-day activities and grow as a business more efficiently. The cloud also gives us a great deal of freedom and will help us both develop great products in a quicker and more efficient way, and easily overcome any challenges going forward.”

The move comes with the blessing of the Gibraltar Regulator, which has a name for not allowing its licence holders to make any moves it feels will endanger the data protection and privacy of its players.

High-Level GCP Benefits

When deciding on whether or not GCP has the services, features and tools they needed Yggdrasil went through a series of undisclosed reviews and tests. Here are some pointers we believe they had to consider when looking to the future growth and needs of the iGaming sector.

“Our goal remains the same: we want to build the most open cloud for all businesses and make it easy for them to build and run great software.” – Brian Stevens, Vice President of Google Cloud

Looking at an article by Kinsta.com into the benefits of GCP they highlight 7 very business savvy points:

  • Better Pricing Than Competitors – compared to competitors like AWS Kinsta found GCP was still up to 50% cheaper than their competitors reduced rates
  • Private Global Fiber Network – your company is now working directly on Googles backbone, which they have font loaded with the FASTER cable system capable of data transfers of up to 10 Terabits per second (10Tbps).
  • Live Migration of Virtual Machines – this feature means your servers are always up and normal time sinks such as patches, software updates and hardware repairs have zero impact on your business.
  • Improved Performance – Lifting the kimono on a series of in-house tests Kinsta reported as much as 50% improvements in load times as well as little to no errors and consistent service levels.
  • State of the Art Security – Given that Google uses this system for their in-house products it comes with state of the art 256-bit encryption, as well as benefiting from peer-2-peer relationships between Google and ISPs around the world aimed at protecting in-transit data packets.
  • Dedication to Continued Expansion – With product user figures in the billions Google is consistently expanding their redundancy server locations which ensures reduced load, greater up-times and better security for local and international users.
  • Redundant Backups – Google offers several layers of data redundancy with their multi-regional storage being the most convincing buy-now solution. This storage/redundancy option offers at least two separate geographical storage points for your data, protecting it against physical server and data packet loss.

Googles own “Why Google Cloud” page also mentions two other equally impressive and important points for any serious business to consider:

  1. Innovation through AI and data analytics – With the amount of data at our fingertips it is near impossible for the human mind to absorb, process and produce at speed. With Googles machine learning insights your business can stay ahead of the data curve.
  2. Scalability – It is nearly impossible for any other business to outgrow Google, with their drive to innovate, expand and reach across the globe your business can easily scale and expand within the Google infrastructure without fear of being curtailed or restricted by lagging development.

Yggdrasil Joins Good Company

While Google can extol the virtues of their system all day long where the rubber meets the road is when it comes down to which high-value companies are entrusting their business growth, development and data security to GCP.

GCP boasts the following 8 mainstream blue-chip level businesses among their clients:

  • Coca Cola – Leading Beverage Brand
  • PayPal – Financial Services
  • HSBC – Financial Services
  • Blockchain.com – Cryptocurrency
  • Nielsen – Media Research & Analysis
  • Bloomberg – Global News
  • eBay – Digital Retail
  • 20th Century Fox – Entertainment

These examples are a fraction of the more than 1060 global businesses who are currently listed on the Googles customer pages. Yggdrasil is joining the ranks of some major international players by onboarding with GCP and we wish them all the luck in the world.