UK Gambling Commission Cracks Down on Slot Features

February 8, 2021

UKGC Crack Down

The online casino industry is continuously growing reaching record numbers every year.

With groundbreaking innovation, modern technology and exciting online casinos, it’s a virtual dreamworld compared to when it first started.

With the new advancements, increase in online casinos and growing numbers of online casino players, small issues are arising.

UK Gambling Commission Acts Fast

As the industry evolves the need for better regulation increases with the growing numbers of problem gamblers.

As such, the biggest issue in recent years has not been providing better gaming, but rather better safety measures to accompany the advanced gaming options available.

Gambling authorities around the globe are jumping at the opportunity to provide players with a better gaming environment. With the UK Gambling Commission being a leader in creating a safer gambling environment, setting an example many others in the industry tend to follow.

Their latest course of action includes a package of strict measures meant to strengthen the protections and controls for all who participate in online slot gameplay.

The package includes a range of new limits including permanent bans on features that speed up play and limits for spin speeds.

Operators will now be required to implement these new player protection measures which will instantly create fewer intensive games which are safer by design and award players more control over the games.

A Slot-Focused Strategy

The Commission focused its efforts on slot games partly because of the popularity of these games as well as the high intensity of the gameplay it provides.

Statistics show that slot games have a higher intensity resulting in putting more players at risk due to the features they provide. These are the games that award the most losses within the online gambling industry.

According to the new rules, four features are banned from the get-go. These include:

  • Spin speeds on slots that are faster than 2,5 seconds
  • Autoplay
  • Sounds or images providing the feel of a win when the amount is less than the stake
  • Any other features that speed up your gameplay or provide a ‘winning’ illusion

Some of the other changes include a permanent ban on reverse withdrawal. Thus, players will no longer be able to re-gamble money they requested to withdraw on a previous occasion.

Through all game sessions, operators will be obliged to display the win/loss amounts of the sessions along with the time players have spent on the game.

A Safer Slot Spinning Future

All these enhanced protections are expected to be put in place by the 31st of October 2021 by all online operators licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

The Gambling Commission Chief Executive, Neil McArthur said that the ban on features that create the illusion of control over the outcome or speed up your play is necessary along with bans on autoplay, losses disguised as a win, and spin speeds faster than 2.5 seconds.

After hours and hours of research, the body has concluded that these steps are necessary to reduce the risks of harm brought to players.

For the UK Gambling Commission, the single focus is to ensure a safe gambling space is accessible to all online casino players and operators.