Swedish Casino Winners Have Claimed More Than SEK 1.8 Billion

February 18, 2021

Svenska Spel Winners

For online casino players, winning is one of the ultimate fantasies while playing fun casino games.

This dream does not always become a reality but for many Swedish players, 2020 was the year of big wins.

Svenska Spel distributed winnings to 455 new millionaires to the total value of SEK 1.8 billion (EUR 178m) throughout the year.

A Year Remembered for Great Wins

2020 was a hard year where many industries and individuals were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of it only being remembered as the year of misfortune, it will be remembered as a year of great winnings for several lucky Swedes.

During 2020, Svenska Spel distributed millions to 455 big winners which is 156 more than awarded the year before. Thus, making it another big year of rewards in the Svenska Spel history books.

Annual Reports

After the release of the annual reports from Svenska Spel Tur and Svenska Spel Sport & Casino, it appears the wins were widespread over different verticals.

For Svenska Spel Tur, it was a real record year in terms of recorded winnings. The big ‘dream win’ on lotto fell four times, 33 wins of more than a million were distributed in the Million Rain, and another 15 winners took home millions in the Second Chance after the Dream Win.

In addition to all this, Lotto celebrated its 40th birthday while awarding a massive 60 million in winnings to the lucky Second Chance round (also known as Andra Chansen).

The big wins did not stop there as there was also a record of the Eurojackpot falling twice in Sweden. According to the list of big wins awarded by Svenska Spel Tur in 2020, the majority totalled in big sums ranging from 21.7 million kronor to a massive 141.2 million kronor!

It was not a write-off year for Svenska Spel Sport & Casino either, throughout 2020 it recorded a total of 85 big winners claiming more than a million SEK. A drastic difference from the 44 awarded the year before.

One of the most rewarding wins was the classic Stryktipset, in which 47 millionaire winners claimed their prizes. That’s nearly one win per week! It was a massive accomplishment considering there was a 13-week period during spring where no games could be offered on Stryktipset. Even considering this pause, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino managed to hand out over 30 wins of more than a million in profits than the previous year.

The biggest Europatipset win ever was also awarded to a Stockholm man during 2020. The lucky player raked in SEK 5,707,925! It was also announced that another Stockholm player received a record profit of SEK 28,131,751 during the year.

Distributing Wins Responsibly

Svenska Spel continues to impress with its dedication to player entertainment and safety. Not only were record wins awarded but it was done responsibly.

Svenska Spel goes to great lengths to prepare players for their newfound riches, providing financial advice, tips, and suggestions. It is always a big shock to come into such large amounts of money so quickly, which is why Svenska Spel has deemed it important to help players handle their new profits.

All winners are personally congratulated, awarded the chance to ask questions regarding their prize money and more when they hit a 1-million-win mark. For those who win 5 million or above, there is financial and legal advice provided to assist with the profit payments and spending.