Sweden online casino stats are not as out of control as you think

April 21, 2020

Sweden Online Casino News

The world is in upheaval thanks to the Covid-19 virus and many industries are struggling to find their feet – including the online casino industry.

According to recent information released by a number of news outlets, the Swedish government was considering shutting down the online casino industry. This decision was in the works thanks to numbers that seemed reveal that online casino sign ups were drastically on the rise.

A massive jump of 33% in online casino registrations and logins over a short two-week period had the government unsure of how to put a stop to possible gambling issues.

Thankfully, new data has surfaced that shows the number may not be as scary as we’ve been made to believe!

New Swedish casino stats

Martin Johansson, an analyst responsible for external analysis at Svenka Spel revealed new figures and answered a few questions about gambling in Sweden.

While it was revealed that a rise of 33% was seen in online registrations and logins, Johansson shared that this is not the case. As more people spend time inside, it’s normal for online casino activity to rise, but there’s no real indication that it’s at an unhealthy level.

In fact, there’s no shocking information regarding Sweden’s gambling activities during this time at all. Especially as the figures were only based on 17 (out of 100) licensed casinos in the country.

Johansson revealed that these companies are exclusively online casino companies and do not represent the larger reach of online gambling in Sweden.

Are Swedes at risk?

While more people are going to be drawn to playing at online casinos as they spend all of their time indoors, Johansson revealed that the risk falls to which games are more in demand.

Games such as the Lotto or Eurojackpot still only do one or two draws a week, making the risk very low. As for the other games in demand by Swedish players, the numbers seem to fall to online poker, bingo, and casino games.

Thankfully, licensed casinos are doing everything they can to ensure that those who do visit their sites will do so safely and responsibly, without possible harm to those at risk.

Sustainability manager at Svenska Spel, Kajsa Nylander, shared insights into the gaming behaviour of casino customers in Sweden.

“We see a marginally increased interest in the forms of poker, Bingo and Casino. But even though the games are attracting new players, we do not currently see a higher average consumption of these games. Average spending per customer for Poker, Bingo and Casino is at the same levels as before the corona eruption, ” said Nylander.