Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™ kicks arcade ass!

May 24, 2020

Street Fighter II Feature

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior kicked and punched its way on to the scene in 1991 and took the arcade world by storm!

Kids around the world stacked their coins on arcade machines, fighting for a chance to be the ultimate Street Fighter. The perfect sequel to the original Street Fighter game, The World Warrior provided even more ways to show off those button mashing skills

Fast forward almost 30 years and there’s a good chance those same arcade-loving kids are now spending their time at online casinos.

NetEnt teamed up with Capcom to pay the ultimate homage to the Street Fighter franchise – an online slot that takes branded casino games to an entirely new level.

Street Fighter II comes to life

Never before has a branded slot received as much love as this one. While there are many slot creations that celebrate movies, games, superheroes, and famous figures, none do it as well as Street Fighter II: The- World Warrior Slot™.

From the moment the game loads, you’ll feel like a kid standing before an arcade game, ready to prove your worth as a fighter.

Even if you’ve never played Street Fighter II: The World Warrior before, this online slot will transport you to place of nostalgia that will have you grinning!

Street Fighter II Screenshot

Hear and feel the fight!

Perfectly designed to match the original arcade game, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™ has symbols that include famous faces, regular playing card symbols and Wild symbols.

The fonts, the graphics, the animations, the movements, and the soundtrack are all exactly what you’d expect from a classic Capcom creation. NetEnt did a superb job in creating an experience that takes you back in time while also providing very real winning opportunities.

Keep your eyes peeled for fighters that include Dhalsim, Ryu, and Chun Li, as well as Bosses such as Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison.

Special Street Fighter Features

If you can’t wait to punch your way to big wins, there’s not much waiting to be done. Start the game, place your bet of between €0.20 and €700 (perfect for high rollers) and hit the spin button!

Take note: This slot offers an RTP of 96.06% and a medium to high variance when spinning the reels.

Choose your fighter

Street Fighter Blanka

The game begins by choosing your very own Street Fighter to represent you for the upcoming battle. Classic fighters are available to choose from and each presents their home country.

After each battle, you can choose a new fighter but choose wisely as each one has a special feature up his or her sleeve.

  • Dhalsim (India) – Three or four Wilds will randomly be placed on the reels.
  • E. Honda (Japan) – Three Wild symbols will appear on the same reel.
  • Ryu (Japan) – Three Wilds will be placed on the same row.
  • Guile (USA) – Two vertical stacks of two Wild symbols will appear.
  • Zangief (USSR) – Two horizontal stacks of two Wilds symbols will be added to the reels.
  • Chun Li (China) – Between two and sevens Wilds can appear at once.
  • Blanka (Brazil) – Either one or five Wild symbols will appear on the same reel.
  • Ken (USA) – Either one or five Wild symbols will appear on the same row.

Are you ready to fight? Then hit the start button!

Start Spinning

The action begins as you take on another Street Fighter in their home country. The reels will be filled with symbols that show off the fighters in top form and a little roughed up. No matter what state the fighters appear in on the reels, create a combination with them and earn a win!

Wins are created in clusters of 4 or more on this 5 reel, 5 row slot and Avalanche reels provide even more winning chances.

Keep an eye on the health bars at the top of the screen as bonus features will be triggered based on which fighter deals the KO blow!

Wild Gauge

Above your fighter’s head, you’ll spot a Wild Gauge. As high-value symbols appear in winning combinations, the gauge will be filled with a point. Fill the gauge and your fighter’s special feature will be activated.

Beat the Boss Free Spins

Street Fighter KenKnock out your opponent during the battle and you’ll trigger the Beat the Boss Free Spins. During this game, bets will be based on your average bet rate throughout the battle.

You’ll take on 1 of 4 bosses starting with Balrog. Each boss has his own multiplier. The battle continues (and free spins are awarded) until either your fighter or the Boss has been defeated.

Keep winning and fight your way to the Big Boss – M. Bison for a massive 100x reward!

Round 1: Balrog – 2x multiplier

Round 2: Vega – 3x multiplier

Round 3: Sagat – 5x multiplier

Round 4: M. Bison – 10x multiplier

Insert Coin Gamble Feature

If you lose while battling any of the bosses, you could trigger the Insert Coin gamble feature. This feature is not available in all countries. Use this feature and you can sacrifice a portion of your bank roll to keep fighting the current Boss.

Car Smash Bonus Game

Another perfectly executed throwback to the original Street Fighter II arcade game, this bonus feature lets you take control and use your fighter to smash the car on the screen!

Complete the bonus round by smashing the car to pieces which will reward you with a random win of anything between 5 and 15 times your bet.

Street Fighter II Big Win

Fight from Your Mobile

You can always rely on NetEnt to provide a top-notch mobile experience. Whether you’re playing from your tablet or mobile device while on the go, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™ will be ready to provide the ultimate fighting experience.


Netent has always been one of the leaders in the online slot space. They’ve taken game creation to a whole new level with Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot™. Insanely entertaining from start to finish, this casino game hadoukens the competition to smithereens!

Play Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Now

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