Rightlander’s New Tool Monitors Casino Affiliate Compliance and More

March 31, 2021


The online gambling industry is always working to improve. The balancing act of keeping customers entertained and safe while also bringing in money – as all good businesses do – is not easy.

Many online casinos are working to provide safer spaces for players to experience online gambling with affiliate sites following suit. However, not everyone plays the game fairly and there will always be those who attempt to rack in extra cash while breaking the rules set by regulators.

Rightlander.com to the Rescue

For users wanting to stay ahead of non-compliant activity by affiliates or misleading marketing practices, Rightlander.com has launched a new tool.

Rightlander uses its affiliate industry expertise to create tools that detect known issues. Always up to date with the latest regulations and legislative changes, the team at Rightlander works tirelessly to provide affiliate compliance technology.

The latest tool in their arsenal is designed to monitor desktop and mobile PPC adverts. The tool identifies whether or not affiliates are bidding on casino names, hijacking traffic, and using their tracking codes to intercept site traffic.

Ian Sims, the founder of Rightlander.com, commented on the new tool:

“This area of marketing has long been a high revenue generator for affiliates and operators alike and it is not uncommon for ads to contain non-compliant copy, misleading information or even to deploy devious redirects. Often appearing at the top of search results, this content is highly visible and presents a significant risk to brands operating with affiliates in regulated territories.”

The PPC Monitor can also detect when prohibited terms (provided by the UK Betting and Gaming Council) as being used for PPC ads.

More Rightlander Tools

Rightlander has been working on making affiliate compliance technology since 2018. In August of 2020, the company released another helpful tool for gambling operators.

Aptly named Rightlander Radar, this tool monitors content behind paywalls and on private channels to ensure that they are remaining compliant.

While it’s very difficult for casino operators to ensure that their affiliates aren’t using illegal marketing tactics to sell their products, this tool does the work for them.

How does Rightlander know exactly when and where to target their tools? Sims said:

“We employ experienced gamblers and affiliates who know what to look for and how to recognise ‘bad actors’ to seek out these marketing channels and conduct the monitoring.”

While it’s not a fix-all solution, these tools can help make the iGaming industry just that much safer to navigate and explore.