Playson Give The Gift Of Hope This Christmas

December 20, 2019

Playson Christmas Market

The Christmas season is known to be a time of fun and excitement as friends and family come together to celebrate the year with gifts, laughter and often way too much food. While the holidays are a respite from the daily grind there are those who face life-defining challenges who can’t put them away even for a day, such as the young lives tainted by early-onset childhood cancer. 

Playson Join The Fight Against Childhood Cancer

While there are organisations who can give tens of thousands in support of various charities. Simply applying the cost to their charitable contributions tax write-offs, there is something special about the dynamic of a company where the team members say; “We want to do this”. And that is exactly what happened at Playson earlier this week with their Christmas Charity Market. 

This is a team created and run initiative where they band together to provide a range of goodies ranging from food to services which they put up for sale in a festively decorated market area.  

Fun is had by all as the company peruses and haggles over the items on sale, and as the team members cover all the costs 100% of the money raised is donated to fighting childhood cancer. 

Meet The Tabletochki Charity Foundation

The foundation the Playson Christmas Charity Market raised funds for this year is the Tabletochki Charity Foundation. The foundation aims to help the thousands of Ukrainian children and their families who come face to face with the heartbreaking reality of childhood cancer: 

“In Ukraine, more than five thousand children are diagnosed with cancer each year. Until recently, not all of them have had access to quality medical care. Since 2011, Tabletochki Charity Foundation has been helping Ukrainian families to beat cancer as well as helping doctors to save the lives of children with cancer” 

In addition to assisting the families directly impacted by a cancer diagnosis, The Foundation also contributes to the development of Ukrainian doctors through access to local and international internships as well as access to localised training material and medical journals. 

By educating local medical professionals The Foundation aims to create a groundswell of medical professionals who can continue the fight against cancer 

Take Care Of Yourself This Festive Season 

Suffering is not limited to living with a life-threatening illness, depression, anxiety and loneliness can be equally as impactful. If you’re feeling unbalanced during the festive season, please don’t try to self-medicate through gambling. 

Here are a few of the resource centres who have trained staff on call who can help you avoid becoming trapped in compulsive behaviours and help you regain control. 

  • Australia:
  • Canada:
  • Denmark:
  • New Zealand:
  • South Africa:
  • Sweden:  
  • UK, Scotland and Wales:
  • USA:

Give yourself the gift of support this Christmas, ask for the help you need.