Pin Projekt Outwit Quarantine Restrictions with Automated Live Games

April 1, 2020


Pin Projekt Live Casino

Croatian live games provider Pin Projekt remains fully operational despite the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to its trademarked drum machines which can function without any human intervention.

While the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on other studio-based gaming companies, Pin Projekt’s fully automated system has allowed it to continue broadcasting live games to its operators, including PremierBet, 1xBet and Wwin.

Pin Projekt recently stated that even though live hostesses and live dealers continue to be a critical component of their business, the organisation can now also rely on their automated technology in order to remain fully operational.

Croatia is not yet in lockdown, so dealers are back at the company’s Zagreb studios. But the company is confident that it will be able to operate in a fully automated mode should the situation change, and the safety of their staff become compromised.

Seeing into the future?

About five years ago, Pin Projekt took the drastic step of developing a system in-house that would be able to withstand tough times. The move proved to be a stroke of genius, almost prophetic, considering the current situation.

Although they could never have predicted this scenario, Pin Projekt have clearly adopted the ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’ approach.

According to company COO Vedran Katic:

“Live content is a very important niche in gaming and when you develop every part of the system in house it can make it resilient in the most difficult of times. Relying only on your own software and technology proves important not only in normal day to day business but also in times when things are unpredictable, such as today”.

A model to emulate

While mediums such e-sports and online casinos have no doubt benefitted from the quarantine restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19, live casino providers have taken a huge knock.

Most of these business types rely heavily on human intervention, and given the implementation of various social distancing measures, the challenges that these businesses face may prove insurmountable for some. In this context, the steps taken by Pin Projekt seem even more impressive. And one would hope that the model they have established becomes one that their competition would seek to emulate.