New Play Pool Feature Launched by Videoslots Casino

April 14, 2021

Videoslots Casino

Playing online casino games is no longer a simple spin and win form of entertainment. With technological advancements, there is more pleasure to gain from the games and online casinos.

VideoSlots Casino is changing things up with a brand-new Pool Play feature allowing for a more fun, sociable jackpot experience.

Bigger Wins Possible at Videoslots Casino

It is no secret that hunting for jackpot wins play a big role in the entertainment of online casino gameplay.

For years, playing for jackpot wins was a one-person job but now VideoSlots is allowing you to make the circle bigger, playing jackpot games with friends and strangers.

The new Pool Play feature enables you to team up with other players in search of bigger and better jackpot opportunities. You not only get to play as a team but win as a team. In many ways, the Pool Play feature is remarkably similar to the popular jackpot networks of industry-leading software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

The biggest difference is that you must buy into a pool for a minimum and maximum amount to create a shared balance. Once you have done that, any winnings will be split between all members of the team.

The entire concept allows for a more social experience with even bigger winning possibilities. When you are done playing for the day you do not have to worry about being stuck in a team. The new Pool Party feature enables you to leave whenever you are ready. You can cash out and collect at any time during the game.

What to Expect from Pool Play

With this new Pool Play feature, you can team up with other VideoSlots players to try your luck on Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune progressives. More jackpot games will follow as the feature rolls out.

According to Ali Atam, the feature is specially crafted to take the Battle of Slots to the next level with the incorporation of a social game network. The network in turn allows players to interact and support each other.

The communication feature allows players to interact and strategise on their upcoming moves. With the Game Mode on the left of the screen, you can easily communicate with teammates as you play. The solution’s design is one with transparency in mind, enabling you to see who else is taking part.

It includes a leaderboard and the win share percentage along with all player contributions. It is the ideal solution for anyone looking for bigger and better chances of hitting progressive jackpot wins. Buttons will be made available, giving you instant access to buy-in and cash-out options.

The biggest excitement is that players have the luxury of playing the jackpot game of their choice, contributing to a pool balance that will benefit the entire team. Hunting jackpots can now become a team activity rather than a solitary experience.

This exciting new feature will only go live at Videoslots Casino in the first week of May 2021. Players can look forward to testing the brand-new feature when it becomes available on the popular ‘Battle of Slots’ casino game.