Husband and wife dubbed Lockdown Legends in National Lottery Awards

October 30, 2020

National Lottery Awards Dom's Food Mission

In a world where the news is constantly filled with doom and gloom, people crave inspiration, kindness and care. Every so often a few good humans step into the spotlight with their kind hearts and generosity.

Recently, the morning resident doctor and former Strictly Come Dancing star, Dr Ranj Singh dubbed an inspirational husband and wife duo the “Lockdown Legends” in the National Lottery Awards.

This was due to their exceptional work providing surplus food to those in need.

Meet the Lockdown Legends

Dom's Food Mission awarded by National LotteryDom and Alexandria Warren started the Dom’s Food Mission charity about five years ago. The charity was born after the couple noticed a few kids being dropped off at school looking hungry.

Fearing that some were struggling, not making ends meet or getting in breakfast, inspired the couple to start the charity. With the mission to tackle food poverty and reduce food waste.

They wanted to do their share in feeding the less fortunate. It all started with the creation of a Facebook group where they asked people to donate food and arranged drop-off days to boost stock for local food banks in Hastings.

In the very first week online they managed to collect enough to feed 160 people.

Quick Fact: In October 2019, Dom’s Food Mission received £200,000 of National Lottery funding, allowing Dom to quit his job and work full time on the charity. The project will now receive a £3,000 cash prize in recognition of his work.

Lockdown Outreach

Since Dom’s Food Mission started in 2015 they’ve grown and done spectacular work. Up to the point where it has become possible to deliver 8,000 food parcels a week during lockdown preventing 35,000 tonnes of food reaching the landfill monthly.

In the 2020 National Lottery Awards, they were named the winners of the Environment Category. This category had over 5,000 nominations from all over the UK.

Dom received the category trophy on the 19th of October 2020 from Dr Ranj, an NHS paediatric consultant who has written several books for adults and children on food nutrition and affordable healthy recipes. Ranj is also currently in the limelight for putting his career on hold to fight the Coronavirus from the frontlines.

The Warren’s are thrilled by their recent award in the 2020 National Lottery Awards. The charity is their passion and they are proud to take the Mission full-time thanks to National Lottery players’ support and the help of many others.

Dom Warren commented, saying:

“We’re a real force of an organisation that feeds thousands each month and stops hundreds of tonnes of food going in the bin. It’s never a handout, it’s a hand-up and without this, people, families and children just don’t get enough food. I sleep better at night knowing people have had their right to eat.”

The National Lottery players raise about £30,000 for good causes every single week. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, packages of up to £600,000 has been distributed as support across arts, sports, heritage, education and environment sectors by The National Lottery.