Gamcare Survey Reveals Concerning Youth Gambling Harm Stats

May 17, 2021

GamCare - Responsible Gambling

The online casino industry continues to thrive with more players showing interest in virtual entertainment.

There is growing concern regarding the increase in gambling-related harm, especially among young people. It’s because of this that regulators and responsible gaming organizations are continuously increasing protective measures.

Concerning Stats on Youth-Related Gambling Harm

GamCare, the Gambling awareness charity reveals scary stats indicating that a whopping 71% of under-18’s has contacted the National Gambling Helpline in the past three years regarding concerns of their gambling activities.

Gamcare and YGAMAccording to GamCare’s user data, about 20% of under-18’s has made contact due to concerns over the gaming habits of family or friends. Then there are 77% that accessed GamCare support services while gambling online with esports betting. The latter proving to be one of the more popular channels among players.

In light of this, GamCare is launching the BigDeal site where young people will have easy access to support. The site is specifically dedicated to the youth who have concerns regarding their gambling habits or those of others.

The site also provides resources for concerned parents, teachers and social workers that deal with the youth daily. With the concerning stats involving under-18’s, GamCare is now calling for mandatory gambling education in UK School curriculums.

7 Tips for Responsible Gambling

1. Do Not Gamble When You Are Emotional

Gambling is a fun activity that triggers the pleasure sensors in the brain. That being said, you should try to steer clear of gambling when you are in a vulnerable state of mind. As with any other ‘vice’, too much of a good thing can quickly become bad when taken advantage of. Like food or alcohol, you can enjoy it in moderation instead of overindulging in stressful or emotional situations. This can potentially lead to trouble and even bigger problems in the long run.

2. Play on a Budget

Before you even begin your gaming, it is vital to set a budget based on how much you know you can afford to lose. Once you have set your budget, you should stick to it. The minute you go over that amount is when the debt starts piling up.

3. Play for Entertainment

Online casino games do have the benefit of awarding big wins. That being said, your main objective while playing should not be to trigger one of these mega jackpots. Stick to playing for entertainment purposes. Your gaming should be a fun experience rather than a stressful event chasing wins.

4. Never Chase Your Losses

One piece of advice you will get from nearly every professional and industry veteran is to ‘never chase your losses’. It can become alluring. The game will invite you to try one more time to make back what you lost. Don’t fall for it. There is never any guarantee of triggering a win. Especially in games like online slots and roulette. These are games of chance with the odds rarely in your favour in these scenarios. Take a break, go for a walk, or do something else you enjoy.

5. Set a Time and Deposit Limits

If you are playing online, this is especially important. All top-rated online casinos will have a Responsible Gambling section. Here you can find tools, tips, and resources for your benefit. Use the tools to your advantage to save yourself from future gambling problems. When registering, set up account limits including deposit and time limits. It might seem unnecessary or redundant now, but it will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

6. Do Not Use Gambling as a Source of Income

Another pro tip would be to never rely on gambling as your main source of income unless you are a pro player. If you are an occasional player, do not quit your day job to chase progressive jackpot wins. Remember, gambling is first and foremost a source of entertainment.

7. Learn the Ropes

Do not just jump blindly into the gaming experience. Make sure you read the game rules and instructions to get a basic understanding of how the games work before you wager. Knowing how the games work will help you maintain that balance and control.

Always play responsibly and spend less money and time online to minimise your risks. Keep it short and sweet for a good and risk-free time. Do not forget to take advantage of the Responsible Gambling tools available at your online casino.