GambleAware’s New Female-Focused Campaign

March 3, 2021

Gambleaware Campaign

Gambling is a popular source of entertainment among men and women all around the world.

While on a grand scale there are more men than women gamblers, females should not be taken out of the equation.

And considering this the British Gambling Charity, GambleAware has announced the launch of their first female-focused campaign.

For the Ladies

The new National Gambling Treatment Service campaign is aimed at women aged between 18 and 54.

It is quite a big deal as this will be the first-ever campaign aimed specifically at women in support and treatment of gambling harm. The new campaign will run for March across all radio, magazines, and digital media outlets.

The hope is to drive those who are already suffering towards the National Gambling Treatment Service and creating awareness of support for those not familiar with the damage gaming can cause.

The Campaign launched shortly after being researched by YouGov for GambleAware based on women and gambling harms.

Based on this research over 10% of women in Great Britain experience some level of gambling harm. Research reveals that women are more likely the ‘affected other’ suffering due to a loved one’s gambling habits.

The Success of Target Approach

GambleAware has opted for a target-based approach as results from previous campaigns proved it to be successful. This also makes it easier to show that women are also a priority and not overlooked in terms of gambling treatment and support.

While there are fewer women gamblers across the globe the numbers have grown and with it, the numbers of women experiencing gambling harm.

There, but not There

The new campaign ‘There, but not There’ is dedicated to giving females the boost they need in taking back control. It includes several examples of how gambling issues can lead to poor quality of life for female players. Some of the biggest issues it brings is loneliness and disconnection, which is especially concerning to female players.

According to GambleAware Communications and Engagement Director, Zoë Osmond it is imperative that women get the same quality of help when it comes to gambling-related issues. More women are starting to suffer from gambling-related harm, whether it is due to personal gambling issues or being affected by a loved one’s gameplay.

Osmond states that GambleAware wants women to know they deserve and have access to help whenever they need it.

The number of female gamblers might be less, but problem gambling needs to be addressed, nonetheless. Through this latest campaign, GambleAware has shown once again that all players, no matter the gender is a priority.

The campaign will run until the end of March across various digital and traditional media outlets to create awareness.

The new campaign was put in motion shortly after the charity group’s partnership with the research organisation, Expert Link. The partnership is on an initiative to co-design and deliver a nationwide network of people that have experienced gambling harm.

Per the partnership, Expert Link will go out and design an independent network that will operate across Britain. It will be a representation of the entire British community with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equality.