Finnish Gambling Regulator Sets Guidelines for Use of AI

February 4, 2021

Finish Gambling Regulator Guidelines on AI

Artificial Intelligence is not exactly new technology but it is being incorporated more freely into our daily lives.

In the gambling industry, AI is already being used for a number of operations which include digital marketing.

With AI, operators can generate audience recommendations and choose the advert or its placement. It can help change the way gamblers experience their favourite online casino.

Veikkaus Reveals AI Guidelines

The Finnish gambling monopoly, Veikkaus, recently published its key principles for the use of artificial intelligence within the gambling industry.

With its current monopoly over the Finnish gambling markets, the operator published the AI guidelines for full transparency and explained how it plans to use it in the future.

At this point in time, Veikkaus is making use of AI in various parts of their operations. This includes monitoring and identifying patterns of possible gambling abuse/addiction, customer service chatbots, and for calculating betting odds.

In the announcement, Veikkaus stated they are committed to ensuring all future use of these and new tools will be compliant with the new AI guidelines. With the focus being on important issues such as consumer protection and privacy.

Of course, one could argue that the use of AI is a direct contradiction of the latter but according to Veikkaus, all data provided by players will be properly encrypted and stored. On top of that, Veikkaus will evaluate the quality of all AI methods used regularly. Checks will be done to ensure these methods and tools are operating as they should and are being used responsibly.

These new ethical principles have been compiled to cover all areas of AI. This includes machine-learning artificial intelligence that gets knowledge from data, as well as rule-based AI that is in charge of enabling automation.

An Attempt at a Safe Gambling Environment

With the industry’s rapid growth, there have been massive concerns regarding the effect of gambling, safety, and how to create a more responsible gaming environment.

Like many other regulators and gambling operators, Veikkaus is focused on providing a safer and better gambling environment for players. A spokesperson for the gambling monopoly stated their mission is to provide a responsible gaming environment through using tools at their disposal.

AI will assist in identifying and responding to any irregular customer behaviour. Thus, AI should merely be seen as a tool used for the improvement of the customer experience, with responsible gambling still the core focus.

At the end of the day, the use of AI is to benefit players through providing better assistance and offering the right services, rewards and other benefits players require.

In doing so, creating a trusted reputation in the industry and building a lasting relationship with players.

Above all, Veikkaus has made it clear that the main focus will continue to be on providing players with a safer and more responsible gambling environment. And AI technology at its disposal will be used to ensure a safer game space for all.