Esport Community Unite to Raise Millions for COVID-19 Relief

May 12, 2020

Esport and Gaming Sml

The game publisher behind popular titles like Fallout and Elder Scrolls recently announced that they would be donating an amount of $1 million to assist with Covid-19 relief efforts.

On April 27th Bethseda announced in an article on their website that they would donate the money to the 3 front line organisations that are actively involved in combatting the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • $500,000 to Direct Relief, and organisation that provides personal protective equipment to front line health care workers
  • $250,000 to UNICEF, Which partners with front line responders worldwide
  • $250,000 to local organisations and individuals that are chosen by their studios and international offices, so that they can support worthy charities and relief efforts in their local communities

Jacksepticeye raises $678k to fight the Coronavirus

With more than 23 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, McLoughlin took part in the #hopefromhome fundraising event that ran during April.

He was able to secure donations from his audience totalling $678,161.71k. This formed part of a total of almost $2 million that was raised by a group of gamers, streamers, social media influencers and others that took part in the initiative.

The funds raised will be distributed evenly between the 3 major organisations listed above, including the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. All of the organisations are involved in Covid-19 relief efforts around the world.

$500k raised while playing Call of Duty Warzone

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, gamer and content creator for 100 Thieves, is well known for doing extraordinary things to celebrate his birthday on his livestream. These videos are then uploaded to his Youtube channel.

This year he took the opportunity to use this day to raise funds for the CDC foundation. Having lost his grandmother due to illness from the virus on the 15th of April, CouRage collected a total of just over $500,000 in donations.

This huge sum was donated to assist the CDC Foundation with its Covid-19 relief efforts worldwide, in memory of his grandmother.

The gaming and e-sports community pitches in

Large companies like Riot Games donated $1.5 million to various Covid-19 relief organizations in Los Angeles as reported by The Wrap earlier in March.

Another big name in gaming, Ubisoft donated a total of $150,000 to the WHO Covid-19 Relief Fund as part of the Twitch Stream Aid 2020 Campaign. Popular industry individuals like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have also made donations totaling $150,000 to hunger relief charity Feeding America as reported by

We are encouraged by the positive response from the Gaming and E-Sports community members and organisations that are standing up and contributing to Covid-19 relief efforts by raising funds and making donations. Well done, Gamers!