Doctor Who Blockchain Invasion Begins October 2020

August 20, 2020

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Trading Card Game

One of the surprise nostalgia-driven success stories of recent years is without a doubt the Doctor Who franchise. The BBC television series was a cult classic that aired from 1963 to 1989, however, it’s fandom existed almost exclusively in the United Kingdom.

The franchise only really began to infiltrate the much larger, and fandom obsessed, US market in 1996 when thanks to Philip Segal, a British expatriate, the BBC partnered with Fox and Universal Pictures to produce the Doctor Who television film which was broadcast on the Fox Network in 1996.

The series was dormant again until 2003 when it was revived and since then has continued to gain momentum with the reboot of the series which saw such adored actors as Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith play the titular Timelord role.

Exciting New Trading Card Game

Doctor Who Tardis

The Doctor Who franchise has evolved over the years from a television series to a multi-channel brand offering fans officially licenced comic books, films, novels, audio dramas, as well as several spin-offs shows including Torchwood (2006–2011), The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007–2011) and Class (2016).

The latest adventure that fans of the Doctor Who fandom can embark on is the BBC’s new Doctor Who: World Apart trading card game. What makes this new TGC stand apart from the flood of new and existing competitors in the market is that it will not be available in print but rather it is an exclusively digital game which will run same technology as Bitcoin, namely the blockchain.

John Kavanagh of BBC Studios interactive arm said:

“This is what BBC Studios does so well, exploring new technologies and bringing our most iconic brand to an area of the gaming industry which we’re sure will engage and thrill fans.”

The game itself is being developed by award-winning blockchain game developer, Reality Gaming Group, who have been developing world-class Augmented Reality, mobile and browser-based blockchain games since 2017.

Why Launch on the Blockchain?

As we covered in-depth in our look at the burgeoning digital trading card and collectable card market the advent of the blockchain has created an entirely new format and arena for this fan favourite pastime.

The marketing team for this new Doctor Who trading card game state:

“Each trading card a player collects will be tokenised secured and protected on the blockchain, which means there can be no copies or disputes about ownership. Doctor Who: Worlds Apart players will own unique digital collectable items which can be used in the game or traded with other players.”

One of the major drawbacks for new and experienced collectors is the ease with which cards and signatures can be faked. With each card being digitally verified on the worlds most secure global infrastructure this risk is virtually nullified.

Add to that the ease at which these platforms can facilitate both the sale of the collectable item and the transfer of ownership and you have a win-win solution.

Doctor Who Trading Cards

Prepare Your Forces Timelord!

Whether you want to stand side by side with the Doctor or feel the mechanical call of the Daleks you don’t need to wait until the official launch of Doctor Who Worlds Apart in 2021 to get in on the action.

By visiting the official Worlds Apart trading card game website you can claim a free trading card pack and be in line to purchase unique limited edition Doctor Who trading cards during the pre-launch sale which begins October 2020.

How to claim your free trading card pack:

  1. Visit the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Check the “Sign me up” option
  4. Check the “I agree to receive newsletters” option
  5. Click the Register button

You will then receive two confirmation emails from The first will be to confirm your email which is necessary to ensure you wanted to sign and the second will be your official Welcome to the community email.

Please note that the process of how to claim your free trading card game pack will come in a later email, presumably once the storefront opens for pre-launch sales in October.

Stay Connected with Doctor Who Worlds Apart

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart BBC Trading Card Game

The team behind the Doctor Who digital trading game realise that in order to serve the fandom and keep everyone up to date with their latest developments they need to do more than simply send a few emails.

They currently have two active social media accounts which you can follow to get the latest news and updates on the platform that best suits you:

They do also offer links to a YouTube channel, an Instagram account and even TikTok. While these channels don’t have any content uploaded to them, yet this will most likely change once the packs go on sale and content creators and fans begin posting their rare and valuable cards finds.