Chicken Farmer Hits Dynamite Riches at Betfair

March 4, 2021

Big Winner

Farmers are up before the sun and only done by sunset with no six-figure payouts ever expected or promised.

For one lucky Lancashire farmer, Sean, a single day turned him from simple chicken farmer to instant millionaire.

Sean Ward will be using his £1.3 million+ wins to spoil his loved ones and invest in his local footie team too.

No Roost for Ward

The 35-year-old Lancashire resident, Sean Ward was working on a farm in Wakefield when he triggered the big win.

The lucky winner logged on to Betfair Casino shortly after finishing daily chores and took a few spins on the popular Dynamite Riches slot.

The player could not believe his luck and immediately showed his phone to his workmate. The latter thought it was a mere £1,300 win but Sean quickly told him to check the zeros.

The shock was big, and Ward rechecked a couple of times to make sure it was real. They still made time to celebrate with Cigars and Champagne. And the big winner already decided that once the restrictions have eased up, he will be taking his loved ones on an incredible holiday experience. According to Ward, it will be an experience they will never forget.

For his fiancé and two young children, the plan is a trip to Disneyland and from there he will be taking a fishing trip to Thailand with his friends. On top of the exotic holidays, Sean plans on spending his big wins on his beloved local football team too. The idea is to invest in new kits and a full sponsorship for the local grassroots team.

This will all come into play once the teams can get back into the action of course. Its clear Ward is one massive footie fan, dedicated to his local teams and his loved ones.

Ward will also get a box at his beloved Preston North End for the next season to make sure he and his mates never miss a match again.

A Word From Betfair

Sam Rosbottom from Betfair spoke out on the massive win stating they are extremely happy for Sean. According to Rosbottom, they cannot be happier to pay out such a large amount of funds.

The Betfair representative also revealed they have been in touch with Sean already regarding the big win to help with withdrawals and provide tips on how to manage such a large amount of cash. The discussion includes the importance of controlling play, applying safe gambling tools and how to manage a sum of cash larger than a million.

According to Rosbottom, Betfair is quite impressed with Ward and his chosen ways of using his well-deserved spending.

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