players donate 101,010 trees with #TeamTrees!

January 7, 2020 TeamTrees News

If you’ve been paying attention the news, you’ll know that the environment is in a pretty bad place. 

Years of taking from planet Earth and not enough putting back has resulted in too much carbon dioxide and too little trees. But thanks to the wonderful #TeamTrees movement by Mark Rober, known to his YouTube subscribers as MrBeast, that may all change. 

In May 2019, MrBeast was challenged to plant 20 million trees in celebration of his 20 million subscribers. Planning to do so over the course of year, MrBeast managed to break his goal in less than 2 months! 

Playing games and planting trees

Everyone is getting on the tree-planting action. Around the world, social media exploded as celebrities and everyday folks like you and me donated to plant even a single tree. 

Every tree counts and decided to get in on the action too. 

After launching their loyalty club at the end of 2019, where players can earn points as they spin the reels of their favourite online slots, posed their own challenge. 

The Bitcoin casino approached their customers and challenged them to donate their loyalty points in aid of #TeamTrees. And their loyal customers grabbed the challenge with both hands! 

101,010 trees planted by

By donating their loyalty points, the players at managed to raise 7700. Each donation of $1 plants a tree, which meant that 101,010 were planted with the generous donation from players! 

Director of Casino at, Tauri Tiitsaarcommented on this achievement, saying: 

“It’s astonishing to see just how generous our players are, and we are happy to have been able to represent the crypto community in the #TeamTrees movement. By making just a small addition to our loyalty club, we were able to have such a big impact on a global cause, and want to take this as an opportunity to challenge others in our industry and community to stand together with us in raising awareness on the important topic of climate change.” 

If you’re keen to make your own donation, visit and find out more about this fantastic movement.