BGC to Limit Gambling Exposure with New Social Media Rules

February 24, 2021

BGC Social Media Rules

The online casino industry is a source of entertainment that makes it a prime focus for regulatory bodies.

The UK Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) is currently working hard at cleaning up and reshaping the industry.

In the past few months, there has been a lot of regulatory changes including the addition of new social media rules for gambling ads.

New Social Media Rules

The BGC recently published a new set of rules with the focus on preventing ads from a member organization to appear in football club social media posts.

The UK gambling industry body is determined to limit gambling exposure via all social media channels.

There have been several new rules which include a range of advertisement focused restrictions. The hope is to prevent exposing under-18’s to gambling advertisements online.

It has been made abundantly clear that while the rules apply to all, it is specifically aimed at the football clubs online. Operators, affiliates, and industry experts have been warned of severe punishment for anyone breaking the rules.

Part of the rules is that football clubs are no longer allowed to add calls to action or any gambling-related links to non-promoted social media posts. This includes everything from odds to bonus offers.

The Premier League and English Football League have both received written notice of the new rules and changes and are expected to ensure that all football clubs are duly notified. The BGC chairman, Brigid Simmonds already made a statement saying that football is an integral part of sports within the country, as they have millions of followers of different ages. As such they are expected to adhere to the new regulations, as there will be zero tolerance to promotions that could attract underage gamblers.

Furthermore, the standard of what is expected from gambling promotions posted on social media has also been made clear. The BGC encourages football clubs to implement the same rules and controls in terms of partnerships with non-BGC member operators.

More rules in terms of football include the industry body expecting both Twitter and Facebook to implement age-gating on all gambling ads listed on their platforms. By these rules, it appears that the gambling authority expects all ads to be aimed at those 25 or above.

More Regulatory Changes

Apart from the strict approach to football and social media promotions, the UK has added a range of new rules focused on shaking up the online gambling industry.

The new limitations will have quite an interesting effect on the industry, as many have already argued the point that it could lead players to opt for gameplay at unlicensed sites.

The new regulatory changes include a ban on any sponsored or paid adverts targeting anyone below 25. As well as a new rule stipulating all gambling ads must clearly state it is intended for those aged 18 and above.

Other new rules limit game spins to 2.5 seconds of speed, no more quick spin or turbo spin options and the removal of multi-slot gameplay.

Under the new gaming code of conduct, operators need to check player activity regularly and intervene whenever signs of problem gambling are noticeable.

The primary objective is to enhance safety, encourage responsible gambling and minimise underage gambling.