3 Reasons Blitz Blackjack Is the Best Live Dealer Casino Game

June 13, 2020

Blitz Blackjack Slot

Blitz Blackjack put the social side of table games back into the virtual world of the online casino!

The game of blackjack has always been a social one. Since it first appeared on the casino scene in the 1700s, the game set a standard of being a social pastime.

Being able to look your fellow player in the eye and potentially take home their pile of chips is always an exciting experience.

With the arrival of the online world, things changed and the social aspect of many casino games fell away. While this may not be a big deal for many players, some enjoy the ability to interact with others. That’s where live dealer casino games have their time to shine.

Live dealer games are no longer groundbreaking but one game stands head and shoulders above the rest – Blitz Blackjack by NetEnt.

Did you know? Blackjack was originally named Blackjack Common Draw and has been available since 2013! The game was renamed in October of 2019.

Here are 3 reasons we think Blitz Blackjack is the ultimate live dealer casino game.

Reason #1 – Blitz Blackjack is Scalable

The scalability of Blitz Blackjack is a huge drawcard. What is scalability? This simple feature gives Blitz Blackjack the ability to cater to an unlimited number of players at one time. No longer are seats filled up within minutes, leaving impatient players waiting in a queue to be seated.

Online casinos can open their virtual doors to a truly convenient live dealer experience where players are always welcome.

Fun Fact: Blitz Blackjack was the first of it’s kind – the first scalable live casino blackjack game that can seat an infinite number of players!

Reason #2 – It’s Faster Than the Speed of Light (Almost)

Thanks to Blitz Blackjack’s ability to cater to as many players as possible, gameplay is fast and the action never has to stop! If you’re as impatient as we are, you’ll love this feature.

Reason #3 – You Can Choose Your Language

Blitz Blackjack has become so popular at online casinos that NetEnt has released it in multiple languages! No longer do non-English players have to be left out of the action. The most recent version of the game was released in March 2020 for Turkish players to enjoy.

Play Blitz Blackjack Now!

Get ready to experience this top-notch NetEnt creation for yourself! Visit one of our highly recommended, secure and rewarding NetEnt casinos today.

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