21 wishes for the online casino industry in 2021

January 20, 2021

2021 Wishlist

Over the past few years, the online casino industry has achieved wonders in terms of growth and development.

Slowly but surely, it is becoming more refined and progressing into something that will remain relevant for many years to come.

2020 was a hard year but it brought plenty of change and improvements. For 2021, we wish for even bigger and better advancements that will take the online casino industry to new heights.

What we’re wishing for:

1. Increased Mobile Gaming

Mobile-GamingWith the mobile gambling industry expected to have a value of approximately $943 billion by 2022, there is no doubt stakeholders will push for innovation. On top of that, mobile gaming has become popular thanks to the convenience it provides.

Advanced technology and new games make mobile casino gaming more immersive and entertaining. That being said, the possibilities and opportunities for growth and expansion within the mobile gambling industry are never-ending. On our wishlist for mobile gaming, there’s an increase in mobile casinos, mobile casino apps and mobile-friendly games.

Google Play and the Apple App Store are extremely strict, the latter being more so when it comes to allowing download of real money casino apps. For 2021, the hope is that these industry giants will ease up, allowing users to download casino apps directly from device app stores.

2. Social Gaming Marketing Strategies

Social Gaming has become quite popular in the past few years allowing players to enjoy the best online casino games for free. Many software developers have created demo/free to play versions of their games which can be enjoyed on Social Gaming sites.

It is expected that social betting will be used as a tool by both operators and affiliates to encourage players to try real money gambling in 2021.

3. Fees for Social Gaming

What made social gaming so attractive up to this point is getting to enjoy all the games and opportunities for free. Throughout 2021 this could change with sites possibly implementing minor fees. These will include in-game transactions to increase player entertainment.

The exciting part is that this could mean players will get to personalise the entire experience through boosts, mobile-only bonuses and even purchasing different skins.

4. New Innovation & Tech Development

For online casino players, an instant turn-off is lack of growth or an industry becoming stagnant. One of our biggest wishes for 2021 is for new innovation and tech development within the casino industry.

This includes more cryptocurrency utilisation in online casinos, advancements enabling Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games, and quite possibly Cloud-Based Gaming.

5. Bitcoin Support Increase


Bitcoin is the father of cryptocurrency and has set the tone for digital currencies and innovation within the blockchain industry. Where many have come and gone, failing to make impact, Bitcoin has done what seems to be impossible.

Today Bitcoin can be used in various online casinos with a few Bitcoin exclusive casinos providing games for Bitcoin users too. The wish is that the support for Bitcoin will increase in 2021 and more online casinos will incorporate cryptocurrency as a whole.

6. Strong Altcoin Growth to Provide Real Alternatives to Bitcoin

Apart from Bitcoin, you’ll find there that many cryptocurrencies and altcoins exist but few hold a candle to the original crypto king. We wish for altcoins to grow in strength and get their day in the sun too! More options in the cryptocurrency space mean more options for players and casinos alike.

7. An Increase in Regulated Markets

This wish is one that might become a reality especially with the current pandemic and the increase in online casino players. That being said, there are still many governments against legalising online gambling entertainment. The hope is that throughout 2021 more regions will see the light and actively work on creating regulated markets for online casino players.

Gaining access to foreign sites is easy but also dangerous for players considering the lack of security and responsible gambling tools. The addition of regulated markets can protect players, increase revenue, and keep illegal operators from entering the market.

8. Unified EU Gambling Law

Currently, all EU nations are allowed to decide the gambling regulations within the region. This can be pretty confusing as some have legalised online gambling where others have worked hard to ban all access.

By simply crossing a border, you open yourself up to a whole new set of gambling laws. It would be amazing if EU nations could come together and create one set of gambling regulations for all to follow and adhere to.

9. Enhance Fair Play

Cybersecurity is one of the primary concerns and of major importance in various industries including the online gambling industry.

To ensure fair play, especially in online slots and games, casinos make use of random number generators and other technology. This software is tested and verified by independent third parties to ensure they provide truly fair and random outcomes. However, the argument is that it might not be as reliable.

Potentially there could be an influx of crypto-based casinos as these automatically have increased fair play options. There is also the chance of newer and more advanced systems being put in place for online casinos – ensuring games are fair yet still rewarding.

10. Rise of Progressive Jackpot Slots

One thing every online casino could use more of is progressive jackpot slots. We have our favourite, a small range of new releases and some progressives that dare we say only a select few play.

The industry is hungry for new and exciting progressives incorporating the latest technology and features. While there have been some new additions, our wish for 2021 is for multiple progressive jackpot slots to be released by various slot providers. This will ensure more diversity and bigger winning opportunities.

11. Game-Changing Slots

This year will be a big year for online slots with a lot of re-shaping and game-changing innovations being put into place. Major changes and improvements will include better graphics, in-game features, and advanced mechanics.

The year will bring releases of various classics that have received a modern reboot. Giving old favourites a modern makeover with 3D animations, realistically designed symbols, and possibly a difference in gameplay.

There’s bound to be a range of new slots that bring with it unique gameplay feature and stepping away from the normal click and spin gameplay.

12. More E-Wallet Solutions

There is a range of web wallets available at online casinos but not many can compete with industry giants, Skrill and Neteller. For 2021 we wish for more alternatives to these top e-wallets.

Allowing ease of access, safer gameplay and anonymous gaming is important and should be a priority. It’s about time a new player steps up and gives these two a reason to get creative.

13. Accountability for Mistreating Players

Online casino operators have become at ease in their way of doing things, despite regulatory bodies frequently looking at ways to improve player safety and gaming experience.

Many operators even mistreat players and take advantage of them, especially new players or less informed players. With the increase of safer gambling regulations, tools and codes of conduct, it is expected that 2021 will bring harsher punishment for operators who fail to treat players fairly.

Those operators who take advantage of or mistreat players could be in for serious punishment. Which could ultimately lead to casinos being more careful in what they offer, how they approach players and the terms they add. Online casinos could become safer purely by casinos wanting to avoid facing punishments.

14. Subscription-Based Payment Methods

One wishlist item is a low-key trend that has been surfacing in the past few months. The industry is growing at a rapid pace and as such, there is a need for more diversity. Especially when it comes to the payment methods used for funding games.

Currently the two most common concepts are free to play games utilising in-game microtransactions and the purchasing of casino credit as you want to play. Another alternative that could be added in the future includes subscription-based games.

Who knows? 2021 just might bring with it a number of subscription-based systems as payment to play online casino games.

15. Global Standards for Safer Gambling

While 2020 was a year dedicated to various regulatory changes to increase player safety, the industry still has a long way to go. Some of the top focus points globally should include putting a stop to match-fixing, optimising online casino regulations and dedicating efforts to curbing gaming addiction.

With the increased uptake of online gameplay, Safer Gambling improvements should be a key focus point for regulatory bodies and casino operators across the globe. Ensuring players get to enjoy high-quality gaming without the risk of developing problems.

Global Standards

16. Punishment for Casinos Targeting Minors

A definite focus point which should flow through all regulated online casino regions in 2021 is punishing casinos that target minors. Various regions, such as the UK, have dedicated efforts to curbing access to minors and stopping underage gambling.

The fight against underage gambling is continuous as there are still those that accept or even target young players. The hope is that more regions will dedicate efforts to banning underage gambling and unifying against these operators by implementing harsh punishment.

Gambling is a source of entertainment but it should be enjoyed responsibly, and should not be ‘sold’ to those not ready for the responsibility that comes with this source of fun.

17. Video Streaming

With the introduction of Facebook Gaming and long-standing services such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming, the potential for growth in these areas is exciting!

As slots and casino games streaming grows, so does the social aspect of enjoying a fun form of entertainment with friends.

18. Virtual Reality (VR)

Through the development and improvement of Virtual Reality technology, developers have been able to create games and software providing a more realistic online casino experience.

While there has only been a small number of VR casinos and games released, the majority are aware of its potential. The wish is for more dedication and effort to increase the amount of VR games and possibilities in online casinos throughout 2021.

19. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Say hello to Chatbots! The use of AI is not a new concept. In fact, many industries make use of AI to improve their services. There is hope that AI will also be utilised by the online gambling industry in 2021 for customer services, dealing with general queries and more.

20. 5G Technology

5G TechnologyThis latest technology is currently making its way around the globe and slowly being introduced, one region at a time. Currently, only a small selection of players within Europe make use of this technology.

It is expected that this tech will allow casino operators to work faster with more capacity. It will also provide the opportunity for the creation of games with higher resolution. Overall, 5G Technology will lead to more interesting gambling experiences on mobile.

21. More Sports Betting

Finally, we wish for even more regions to legalise sports betting throughout 2021. Many have done so in the past few years but the sports betting industry still has a long way to go.

Overall, it is expected that the sports betting offering in regulated markets will drastically increase this year with exciting bonuses and sports betting options to be added.

If there are 21 wishes that could come true, our hope is that it would be the ones we have for the online casino industry!