20 Online Gambling Slang Terms for Bitcoin Gamblers

March 27, 2020

Gambling Slang Terms

Anthropology is the formal study of societies and cultures and their development. It just means that the diversity between people groups, their traditions, and even their speech, is so vast that students need to study for years to come to grips with just the basics of it all.

When it comes to language, we even witness a great diversity from one business industry to the next, making it often difficult for someone to settle down in their respective environments without becoming accustomed to the jargon and the slang used in that market.

In the online gambling industry, the jargon and slang used are very important, yet oftentimes unfamiliar to those outside of the industry. It is for this reason, that we at Top Spot Casinos have arranged a list of some of the more commonly used terms for online gamblers, with a few inclusions for those who are gambling at bitcoin casinos specifically.

We promise you won’t have to study for years to come to grips with online gambling, but a little effort will go a long way.

Common Jargon/Slang for Bitcoin Betters

  1. Bitcoin Casino: While Bitcoin is an independent form of cryptocurrency, when people in the industry refer to a casino as a ‘Bitcoin Casino’, it merely means that it accepts cryptocurrency wagers, not necessarily only Bitcoin.
  2. Hodler: This is the term often used to speak of someone who holds onto their cryptocurrency investments and does not use it. This term came about in the early history of Bitcoin when a news article incorrectly printed ‘hodler’ instead of ‘holder’ and the term stuck.
  3. Crypto-Wallet: A crypto-wallet is the electronic wallet that hodlers use to both store and make payments to online casinos and other merchants. It is engineered with very specific blockchain programming technology.
  4. Provably Fair Gaming: Some Bitcoin Casinos offer games designed specifically for crypto players. The casino allows the player to view the gaming algorithms so that the bettor can be sure that each game round is randomly produced and is not influenced by any betting inputs at all.
  5. Croupier: In casino gaming, table games are either hosted by dealers or croupiers. A dealer is usually someone who hosts card games, where a croupier will host other forms of table games, such as craps or roulette.
  6. Straight Up Bet: This is a term for a roulette bet type, where a player bets on a specific number that they believe the roulette wheel will land on. The odds of landing this type of bet are 35:1 in European Roulette games.
  7. Outside Bet: This is the terms for a roulette bet type, where a player bets on lower odds bet types or grouped bets. Examples of this type of bet include betting on either odds or even numbers, red or black, or the 1st 12 numbers, etc.
  8. RNG: RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is the piece of programming that ensures that random outcomes are performed in virtual games, such as online slots, virtual table games, or virtual sports. It ensures that all game rounds are 100% fair and unmanipulated.
  9. Bankroll: Your bankroll is the number of funds you are playing with on any one game. This amount is defined in the display that says, ‘Credits Available’.
  10. The House: The house is just another name for the casino. The dealer or croupier will represent the house in live casino games, while the RNG or Virtual dealer represents the house in slots or virtual table games.
  11. Ante: This is a ‘buy-in’ bet type that ensures that the pot always has money in it. It enforces the action of players, ensuring that the game carries on and that players do not keep folding their hands when they feel it doesn’t suit them anymore.
  12. Fold: When a player folds his hand, it means that he/she is exiting the game round, as they believe that the risk is too high for the value of the hand they hold.
  13. Hit Me: This is the term that a player would use to ask the dealer for another card when playing Blackjack.
  14. Whale: This depicts a player who holds a massive bankroll and makes huge wagers on casino games (usually thousands of Euros/Dollars/Pounds/Bitcoin equivalents).
  15. Fish: This is a negative term attributed to an inexperienced player who is on a losing run.
  16. Jackpot: The jackpot is the highest yield that a game will payout, often calculated as a multiple of your bet.
  17. Chase: This involves the betting moves of a player to win back their losses quickly, often by increasing their wagers.
  18. Blind Bet: This is a bet that a player is forced to make without knowing what his/her cards are yet. Slot bets can also be termed in this manner, as your need to wager comes before the reel result.
  19. Pokies: Contrary to the sound of this word, Pokies are not poker machines, but rather an Australian slang word for slot machines.
  20. See: To ‘see’ a bet means that you match the bet level on the table.


We hope that this list of 20 terms will help you settle into the online Bitcoin gambling environment more easily. There is much more slang that you will pick up as you spend time playing online casino games, but the meanings to the terms are only a search away. We believe that understanding the jargon used in the industry will make concentrating on winning an easier and more fun-filled task.